Fitness Friday — What Motivates You?

So as you already know, I injured my knee the first week of January.

The doctor said that it’s a perfectly-normal case of runner’s knee and made me promise to not run for 6-8 weeks.  I had been committed to still work out, but I have to be honest with you…  I’ve done absolutely nothing.  Apparently, I’m an all-or-nothing-runner, which really isn’t productive in my case, since knee injuries seem to be a part of my life.

So I really, really do need to do a better job of finding other ways to burn calories, build muscle, and get my heart-rate going.

Hopefully, this case of runner’s knee is almost over though, as I haven’t had any knee pain at all this week.  So I think I’m almost ready to try a short, slow run sometime soon.

Nate on the other hand?  He can’t run because of his numb leg, but he has been killing it on the exercise bike.  He rides every day.  And he’s completely changed his eating habits and has been focused on eating healthier, more-balanced portions.

I mean, the guy has lost 16 pounds since Christmas, and he is looking absolutely amazing!

I thought that I would interview him for today’s Fitness Friday post, and I started by asking him what had motivated him to get into shape.  What had inspired him to focus so much on fitness and to take back his health?  I waited for an inspirational answer…

And then he replied, “Because I had nothing better to do.”

And so there you have it…  Nate decided to get a leaner, stronger body, because he had nothing better to do.

I hope you are as inspired as I was.  😉


21 thoughts on “Fitness Friday — What Motivates You?

    1. The doctor actually cleared me to use a regular exercise bike, because it’s low-impact on my knee. I’m just so stubborn and set on running that I have a one-track mind when it comes to exercise. I really need to get out of my comfort zone and try all the other exercises out there!! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!!

  1. Haha…actually, I could totally see Nate’s answer on a Nike Shirt or something. It kind of IS inspirational in a strange sort of way…haha. 😀

    I’m determined to bike more this summer, as I found that I was most fit when I was cycling a certain amount of mileage per week a few years back. I felt as if it toned my entire body and I loved the energy rush of being able to go farther and faster than I can on my legs. THAT being said, nothing beats the sweat of a run, so I can totally understand where you’re coming from. I hate when injuries prevent me from doing my favorite workouts!!

    1. I definitely want to bike this summer, even if it’s just as a liesurely ride on a Saturday afternoon. It is a fun way to get around town… and great exercise. 🙂

  2. Ha! Good for Nate! I was inspired to start running by a good friend of mine who is running thirty races this year to commemorate her thirtieth birthday. Wow! So, I’m doing that C25K program, and I signed up for the Color Run in July! Ack! Today will be the first time ever I run for twenty minutes straight.

    I hope your knee is all better and that you can get right back in to what you love. I think it’s perfectly fine to have rested it all this time–especially if you think it worked!!

    1. Wow! Thirty races to commemorate a thirtieth birthday?!? I can’t imagine!! I turn 30 this year too, but I think I’ll be lucky to run 3 races. 😉 As for the Color Run, you will have a BLAST!! I did it last year, and it was so much fun.

  3. The reason is what it is. At the end of the day, he’s healthier and that’s inspiring in itself. Good luck recovering from your runners knee. I hope you discover a form of exercise that you enjoy and can balance with the running to keep your joints and body healthy!

    1. I’m trying to use my upcoming Hawaii trip as motivation to start lifting!! I’ve never been very committed to weight-lifting, but I am totally going to start!!!

  4. Congrats Nate!! Sexy hubby ow ow! Was his answer serious, sarcastic, or what?! So big question – what does Nate do while riding the bike? Listen to music? Watch something ridiculous on TV?

    My grandparents (late 80s) ride an exercise bike everyday which is so stinking cute. I want to try some new forms of exercise this year. Running and soccer are getting old. Are you leaning towards anything yet??

    1. His answer was very serious. Ha, ha. He’s still out of work right now, because of being on disability pay, so he has time to kill. Still, most guys would probably play video games all day, so I’m super proud of him!!
      The biking ‘entertainment’ changes, because some days he listens to music and other days, he’s catching up on sports TV. 😉
      As for me, I definitely hope I’ll be able to run again soon, but I also want to try doing some strength-training. I also love Jillian Michael’s workout DVD’s… AND Sarah (my sistah) has shown me some great exercise moves that help tighten muscles. Maybe she and I will have to work together to put together an exercise blog post… 😉

  5. 16 pounds since Christmas? that`s great! I really hope your knee will get well enough for you to exercise. Can understand it`s difficult not being able to run. Ran a lot the year I decided to lose weight.

  6. Haha! That’s hilarious. I am doing the Nike+ Kinect Training for the Xbox 360. It kicks my butt, but it also shows me when I’m improving. That or yoga are my go tos when I don’t run.

      1. It’s really suppose to help runners prevent a lot of injuries (at least that’s what my half marathon runners tell me). HuluPlus has some really good beginner practices online that are about 20-30 mins long.

  7. BOOO to runners knee. My knees are so wonky right now I want to cry. I can’t just not exercise though, it would drive me insane. I have been spinning a lot more, but that is irritating them too. EVEN walking it annoying my knees at this point. FML. Either way, fitting into my clothes motivates me! And seeing my face get a bit round from all the cookies I eat. haha.

    1. Oh my goodness, that is totally me right now. Even walking irritates my knees too!! 😦 (Although, like I said, they’re feeling a little better, so I hope I’m on the upswing). But, yeah, the clothes are feeling a bit snug from the lack of exercise, so I really do need to do something…even if running isn’t an option. I really, really hope your knees start to behave soon!

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