Hats and Stripes Forever — My Shopping Trip Finds

If you were to ever come shopping with me, two things would become apparent quite quickly…

First and foremost, I have an addiction to stripes.  I’m not quite sure when it started, but I do know that I’m pretty far gone.  Whenever I step into a store, I’m immediately attracted to any top, shoes, purses, or dresses that are covered in a striped pattern.  In fact, the majority of the tops I own now are striped, which makes it difficult for me to ever wear the fashion scarves I own… since ever single one of them happens to be striped as well.

**sheepish grin**

During Saturday’s shopping trip with my mom and sister, I even showed up to the mall wearing a striped shirt.

Like I said…  I’m pretty far gone.  I may or may not have purchased two more tops with stripes on them during the shopping trip too, despite the fact that my mom and sister tried to introduce me to polka-dots, floral patterns, and solid colors.

Seriously.  There’s no hope for me.  Save yourselves!!

(I found both of these tops in the clearance section of The Limited… and they were marked down an extra 40% off of the clearance price!  The necklace was 40% off as well).  🙂

The second thing you’d probably discover quite quickly is that I also have a thing for hats.  I adore them, quite frankly.

And since I have very little pride when it comes to what other shoppers around me might think, I like to try on these hats and pose in exaggerated fashion.  After all, what girl doesn’t like to play dress-up?

I sure do!

In the end, after trying on endless possibilities, I bought the red hat and the teal hat from DSW, thanks to some fun-money my mom threw at me.  (Yeah, my mom is pretty awesome).

I also found these comfy T’s at Banana Republic for only $6 each!!!  (I never heard the end of that one, because I had stated that I didn’t particularly want to go into the store… since it was too rich for my blood.  In the end, I was the only one who made a purchase there, thanks to the great sales!).  🙂

I bought this casual, sweatshirt-like top at the Gap for only $20.  And look, only the elbow-pads are striped! I totally think that this counts as a solid shirt.  🙂

Last but not least, I found this beautiful, floral scarf at Sears

… and this comfy sweatshirt from Old Navy for $20.

I was definitely happy with my finds!!  🙂

Is there a particular pattern that you tend to lean towards?


12 thoughts on “Hats and Stripes Forever — My Shopping Trip Finds

  1. Oh cute little elbow patches on that shirt! Definitely counts as a solid. 😉 I absolutely love stripes too! I think at least half my shirts are striped (and the other half are plaid flannel, haha!). Also, I’m not typically huge into floral prints, but that scarf is lovely. Very chic. 🙂

    1. I’m totally the same… Not usually a huge fan of floral prints either. But somehow, I also liked the scarf. Ha, ha. (And I have to admit that I also love plaid flannel, but I don’t have too many flannel tops right now. I think I need to fix that next winter). 😉

  2. I love that striped shirt. It’s adorable. I basically have two uniforms: white t-shirts and cardigans with jeans OR striped shirts and jeans. Give me a striped cardigan, and I’m in heaven.

  3. This is crazy… I’m totally addicted to stripes as well! My family actually has to tell me not to buy anything else striped or else I’m going to turn into a zebra… or a jail cell..

  4. Good finds! I actually have a shirt that’s verrrrry similar to your top from The Limited (no zipper though – hott!) except it’s green at the top. I’m with Amy (above) that I tend to go for the same colors but I do really enjoy stripes and solid blocks of different colors. Minus the hat obsession (I’d lose the chance to show off my red hair!), you’re my fashion hero 😉

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