Kindness Week — Day # 2

First of all, I find it slightly hilarious that out of all the ways we could choose to be kind, Gina and I both chose to share the gift of Dunkin Donuts on the first day of Kindness Week.  I promise that we did not collaborate in regards to what we wanted to do.  And we were, in no way, endorsed by Dunkin Donuts (although if Dunkin Donuts wants to endorse me with free coffee and hot chocolate for the rest of my life, I’m all ears).  😉

We just apparently love our Dunkies.  And if America runs on Dunkins, then why not share a bit of that goodness with a fellow American?   Exactly!  I can’t think of one reason either.

Anyway, for Day # 2 of Kindness Week, I decided to show appreciation for someone who really does help this country run, but for whom we so often forget to show kindness and thanks.  The mail carrier.

Granted, there are days that I wish our mail carrier had decided to let that wind and rain slow her down.  I’m not really a fan of all those bills showing up in my mailbox.  But that aside, I do love the catalogs, greeting cards, and the occasional packages.

And trust me, it’s no easy task being a mail carrier in the heart of New England.  One month your clothes are sticking to you in a dripping pool of sweat.  (Nice visual there, I know).  The next month, the snow is whipping at your face so hard, you don’t know which direction is forward.  And when you’re delivering the mail, it’s not like you have the option of closing all the windows and jacking up the heat.  After all, you have to stop at each house and slide the mail into their boxes.

I think that’s what made me want to reach out to our mail carrier for day # 2 of Kindness Week.  It’s been particularly windy and frigid over the course of the past few days.  Not to mention the fact that she has to maneuver around the giant snowbanks left over by Storm Nemo.

I don’t know that I would be able to handle that…

So I found a sparkly, bright card in my desk and wrote her a quick note from me and Nate:

It’s been awfully cold outside lately…  We wanted to say ‘thank you’ for everything you do, in the hopes that it may warm your day.  We hope that you’ll have a great week!

Then I paired it with a box of my favorite tea and set it in the mailbox to be delivered (or shall I say ‘picked up’) today.

I hope the gesture, as simple as it may be, does bring a bit of warm sunshine to her day.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Kindness Week — Day # 2

  1. Ahh!!! I love this. This made MY day and I’m not even on the receiving end…haha!

    I was thinking about sending a thank you card to the vet for all of her help with Humphrey. It’s amazing how easily we overlook saying “thanks” when it’s someone’s job. It’s almost like they’re ‘expected’ to do the work they do without so much as a second glance. But I know personally, form my own job experience, when someone takes the time to offer a heart felt thanks, it really means the world!

  2. Our mail carrier is a lady as well and I never know what to call her. Because “mail man” obviously isn’t right, haha! “Mail carrier” is perfect! Also, I love that you did this for her. What a blessing you are to her day today. I wouldn’t mind delivering mail in the summer, but in the snowy winter… yikes! Our mail carriers are really brave people!

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