‘Bloggers Like Us’ – Challenge

The Recap

Once a month, I post a segment called Bloggers Like Us.  In it, I propose a question, asking for a picture of one of your favorite things, spots, memories, or foods.  Then, if you choose to participate (which I truly hope you will!!!), you will just need to post a picture on your blog to answer the question by a designated time.  (You can even include a short paragraph or sentence as a caption).

And then, when I post the next Bloggers Like Us segment, I include all of your pics, and we’ll get to know even more about each other. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!


This Month’s Challenge — The Best Part of Waking up:

What helps you get your day jumpstarted?

Do you fill a special mug with a steaming cup of coffee and slowly sip on it as you prepare for the upcoming day?  Do you grab for your travel mug?  Are you a smoothie drinker, or do you stop at your favorite coffee shop on your way to work?

I want to see pics of those mugs, cups, and glasses; and I want to know what you sip on as you get your day started!  🙂


The Rules:

1.  Take a picture of what your morning drink of choice is (and make sure it’s being served in your special mug or glass, if you have one) and post it on your blog, anytime between now and Monday (February 25th).

2.  Comment on this post and include the link to your blog post.  (Include a sentence or a small paragraph, explaining the pic, if you would like).

3.  I will post the pics on a future blog post for all to see!

Ready… Set… GO!!!!!  :)


16 thoughts on “‘Bloggers Like Us’ – Challenge

  1. Such a cute mug! You know, I go through different kicks when it comes to breakfast. I tend to rotate through green smoothies, oatmeal, cereal, and eggs. And when I say “kick”… I mean that I seriously eat only that for breakfast for months at a time. And then suddenly one day I just completely switch to the next thing in my rotation, haha! So currently I’m still in my cereal phase which means no morning breakfast drink to share. But! I do think this is a really cute idea! I will look forward to seeing everyone’s favorite drinks. 🙂

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