Spending the Weekend with Nemo

Well, this is it… The calm before the storm.  And as we say here in New England, “a wicked stawm is comin.’”

Apparently, the storm of the year (and potentially one of the biggest storms to hit this area ever) is crawling its way towards New England, preparing to dump over 15-24 inches of snow onto us.  I also heard that they’ve named it Storm Nemo.  I keep envisioning the storm slowly creeping its way here, singing, “Just keep snowing, just keep snowing,” to the tune of Dora’s sing-song, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”  😉

As usual, Nate and I are well-stocked on the necessities of surviving a blizzard.  Candles in case we should lose electricity, extra gloves, shovels… and, of course, icecream, tater tots, pizza, hot chocolate, and nacho’s.  You know, just the main necessities here.

Oh, right, and fuzzy kittens. to help keep us warm.

I just really hope the electricity doesn’t go out…  It’s so annoying to watch TV by candlelight.  😉   Wink, wink.

The snow is supposed to start early tomorrow morning and then progressively get worse as the day continues.  I’m hoping that the worst of it will wait until I get home from work tomorrow night!

What’s the weather like in the neck of your woods?


11 thoughts on “Spending the Weekend with Nemo

  1. Hahaha!! This post had me laughing hysterically. And here’s to hoping that neither of us will be sleeping over at work tonight…I have some coworkers who are bringing their sleeping bags and setting up their “living quarters” at work since they have to be in early on Saturday. Can you imagine? Yuck.

    1. No WAY!?! I was joking to Pepere that I might set up a cot at work, just in case. I had no idea that people actually did that. Ha ha. But I guess that in their case, they really do have to be there, since they’re in the medical field.

  2. We’re having crazy weather too. I think we might have passed it across the ocean! Thunder storms, then snow, then ice. Our house phone completely blew in the thunder storm. We still don’t have a working one! Sounds like you have a good plan anyway. Stay inside and eat loads! Make sure your laptop’s charged for watching movies 🙂

  3. I’ve been thinking of you each time I see the weather report! Will be sending you plenty of good, electricity-staying-on thoughts. Good luck!!!

  4. Gah. I am so envious of your snow! In southern PA we’re getting rain 😦 If I leave now, I might be able to make it to you in time for the heavy snow. What do you say? Weekend of sledding, snow forts, hot chocolate, and crafting? 😉

    Hope things go well for you. If you get sick of the snow, send some my way!

  5. The wicked storm decided to turn north a bit so the 25cm that was expected for Windsor is going to be blasting Toronto and Kingston instead.
    We’re getting our share of freezing rain though, which isn’t nearly as fun as snow, but easier to drive in (for me at least).

  6. Yikes. That’s a lot of snow. I think there’s a chance of snow here where I am in the Southwest. Which means we’ll get nothing.

    You know one of my biggest fears is an extended power outage and losing all the stuff in my fridge and freezers. And having to watch TV by candlelight – what a hassle. 🙂 🙂

  7. I just checked the forecast, and we are suppose to get a high of 61 today. Still, I think my husband would prefer a blizzard to the hear wave we are having. Hope you guys are staying warm this weekend!

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