Playing Mary Poppins

You know that annoying, orange glow that settles over your foodie pics when you try to take a snapshot after the sun has set?

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about…  That glow that makes your delicious dinner, dessert, or snacky pics look  a bit dull and bleh, compared to how they look in real-time.  Well, it’s all thanks to that overhead light that cuts out the beautiful colors.  Of course, without the light, your food doesn’t look all that attractive either.  It just kind of gets lost in the darkness…

So my sister Sarah and I jumped with delight when we heard about special umbrella lights that cast natural light over your work area.  And since it was around Christmas, we decided to buy ourselves a Christmas gift. (Or, maybe I should just say that we bought each other the same Christmas gift, and leave it at that?).

Yeah, that works!

Putting together the lights was easy, and my living room soon transformed into a photography shoot.  All professional looking with curly light-bulbs and sheer umbrella’s.

This is Sarah’s sassy, business-face.


This is my it’s-fun-to-play-with-umbrella’s face.


“Hey, I have an idea!  Let’s pretend that I’m in a photography jungle.”


“Hey, I have an idea.  Why don’t you start helping?”


“Oh, wait, you’re right, it is fun to play with umbrellas.”

The funny thing is that we’ve owned the umbrella lights for weeks now, and I don’t think that either of us have really put time into using them.  I mean, one thing to be said for that ugly orange glow is that it’s quick. It’s not like you have to pull it out of the closet or set it up…

Nope, that ugly orange glow is always there just for you.

So last night, I decided that enough is enough!!

And I took this pic during the late evening after the sun had set and it was quite dark in the house.

Granted, I still need to practice a bit and figure out the best angles and such.  But you know, that Mary Poppins does know a thing or two after all.  It really is fun to play with umbrella’s…


11 thoughts on “Playing Mary Poppins

  1. This looks so professional! And I play with the umbrellas all the time when I do lighting at my church for videos. It’s just too tempting not to!

    1. They were only $60… and that came with two umbrella’s and three lights. Granted, they’re not top-notch, professional lights. But they do the trick!

  2. It looks great!! I’ve seen people who have made the DIY light boxes and I always think that I should try my hand at that. But then summer comes along and the days are super long so I forget until the next winter, haha! Anyway, really great photos, friend!

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