Kitten Tales

I’m fairly certain that most of my girlfriends had the names of their future babies picked out by the time they were seven.  Since they knew they wanted to be mommies someday, they had an ever-growing list of their favorite boy and girl names to choose from, which often became the names of the dolls they so carefully tended to.  Granted, the list changed over the years, but the point was that one existed.

I, on the other hand, named every new doll ‘Jessica’.  Which was also my name when playing house.  Because I was quite convinced that ‘Jessica’ was the epitome of the perfect name.  And it also seemed silly, at the time, to create such a list, when my dream was to have a career and own a smart apartment in the middle of the city.

Funny how things change.  How priorities reshape themselves until you realize that what you once considered a dream is only a shadow of what you truly want.  Of what truly matters to you.  Suddenly, being a mommy someday means more to me than the next big raise or promotion.

On the other hand, names still don’t come easy.  Thank goodness, Nate and I aren’t in any rush or need to come up with favorite baby names.  Not only would our child face the possibility of going nameless for weeks, but he or she would probably end up with an endless list of nicknames.

Not that having a given name will offer any safety from that.

Apparently, I married the one person on the planet who loves nicknames as much as I do.  Our fondness for nicknames came out when we were dating…  but really exploded when we adopted our fur-babies.

Stitch was named after the Disney cartoon Lilo and Stitch, because he’s double-pawed like a little monster… and he’s mischievous beyond belief.

Like really, really mischievous!

But despite the fact that he has a perfectly good name, he’s frequently called:


*Stitchy Vaughn Mousequwitz

*Fuzzy Chicken

I mean, he does look like a fuzzy little chicken, after all.  😉 

Our black kitty, on the other hand, went nameless for almost two weeks, because Nate and I couldn’t think of anything to call him.

We ended up calling him Highstreet, after the street he was found abandoned on.  But he is now most frequently called ‘Bubba’, and is also called:

*Fuzzy Meatball

*Fuzzy Britches


*Fuzzy Lumps

Yeahhh, he’s kind of fuzzy… 

So the conclusion Nate and I have come to is that there is absolutely no hope for our future children.  Let’s just hope that they’ll know what their real name is… if Nate and I are able to actually pick acceptable names when the time comes someday.  😉

Do you have a nickname?



11 thoughts on “Kitten Tales

  1. Your cats are such little cuties, I always low pictures of them and the ome of high street next to the ornament is like perfect for Christmas next year! We went through an entire dictionary of pet names to name our bunny, and actually ended up naming her after my husbands favorite artist. I think that a perfect name comes either immediately, or eventually, and should embody who they are too. Oh, and I never had a name list either!

  2. The picture of Stitch in the blinds had me rolling. And very much reminded me of one of my cats. Speaking of whom…. Their real names are Flo and Kiki, but Flo is often called Young Florence, or Florence the White Cat, or Princess Flo of Hidden Park (a neighborhood park). And Kiki is Kiki Brindle Cat, or Duchess Kiki of Solano (a neighborhood street name), or Kiki Mingo. Are they really considered nicknames if they include the real name and are much longer than the plain ol’ real name would be?

    There is a neighborhood cat named Ping, who we call His Royal Majesty Ping of McDuffie (again, another neighborhood reference). And a cat named Henry (actually a girl, so perhaps short for Henrietta?) who is Court Jester Henry.

    We have a whole little cat kingdom going on in these parts.

  3. I think Stitch in the blinds and my cat Lexie are long lost siblings. What a handful! Also, giving nicknames is a disease in my family. LOVE IT. Sweet post 🙂

  4. Haha…these pictures had me laughing. So cute. I love those little fur babies. 😀

    And I totally name Humphrey different things too. Like Mr. Humphs. Mr. Bogart. Mr. H.

    Hmm…I’m just starting to notice a pattern (considering my beta fish was called Mr. Jingles, I guess I just have a theme going. 😉 )

  5. Your post made me laugh because I’ve never really thought about the nicknames I give my cats. We have Buddha. I named him this because he is little and round or “hutite” as we like to call him (a cross between husky and petite). And, my undergrad thesis involved Buddha so I thought it was appropriate. I tend to call him Buddha William because my thesis also involved Shakespeare or I’ll call him Buddha Bill. Others call him Baby Buddha. Then there is Abby. To strangers he is Mr. Abby and I have to go on to explain how for the first few weeks of his life we thought he was a girl. We liked Abby for him so much that we just stuck a Mr. in there. And for some reason I call him Abby McGee. We have a 20lb neighborhood cat that comes around (I actually put him on a scale) that I call Harold Jenkins. I can’t accept the fact that his collar says “Taz”. I’ve pretty much come to terms that I am a crazy cat lady : )

  6. Hey, I named Jerzee after a Cow Farm by my boss’s house. I don’t think there’s any hope for our kids. (Loco came with his name, so he was saved from our ‘creativity’). Plus, we extend our dog’s names like they are prize winning show dogs (have you heard some of those names? sheesh). Jerzee is actually Buttercup Jerzee Star (or Jerzee Buttface McGhee -Michael’s fav). Loco we have extended to Locomon Lord of the Boxer Nation (or Locobear for short, don’t ask).

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