The Christening of our Basement

In life, you sometimes just have to learn the hard way.

Like Nate learned once that it’s not good to set fire to a plastic can of oil, especially when it’s sitting on a driveway.  Because apparently plastic cans melt… as do driveways.  I learned once that pyrex dishes explode when they’re set on a hot stove-top.  And apparently, painting the basement stairs the same color as the basement floor is not a good idea.

Because in the dim light of the television at night, it all just blends together and gives the illusion of your having reached the bottom of the stairs… before you have.  Needless to say, Nate and I have now both christened our newly finished basement by falling down that last step.

It’s funny really, how hard a person can fall, even when they’re only falling down one step.  I mean, you’d think that you’d be able to catch yourself in the process.  But really, that last step can be a doozy.

My dramatic christening of the basement happened two days before Christmas.  I was a nervous mess, trying to keep the house in order for a Christmas party while baking one too many pies.  I took the plunge, hit the wall in front of me, and then fell hard backwards on my butt.

I immediately started to laugh-cry, so Nate came running over and gushed, “Are you okay??”

“I’m so tired, I can’t even remember how to walk right,” I sobbed, then laughed, then hiccupped.

It was pretty tragic…

Nate’s ‘accident’ happened a week or two later, as he was walking down the stairs with his laptop.  I  heard his feet hit each step, there was silence as he missed that last one, and then he went one way while his computer took flight.

I ran to him, asking him if he was okay; and he just started crawling towards the laptop, moaning, “My computer!  My computer!”

Again, very tragic…

Thankfully, no laptops were ruined in the christening of our basement, we have learned a very valuable lesson, and I will be stenciling something on that bottom step sometime very, very soon!

(Oh, and an updated basement pic is coming soon! ).  🙂


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