Nine Days In

Nate and I have been on our new budget for a full nine days now, and I’m happy to report that there have so far been no catastrophe’s.  😉

Seeing as how the journey is still so new, there really hasn’t even been time for me to worry about all the financial disasters that could potentially happen.  Which is huge.  Because I can worry faster than you can say, “What could go wrong?”  And trust me, if something could go wrong, I’ll think about it…. and then subsequently worry about it.

That being said, I’m happy to report that I’m getting much better at not worrying about stuff.  Much, much better.  So, yeah, between this not worrying so much and now budgeting this intensely, I kind of feel like a new-and-improved version of myself.

So anyway, in these beginning stages of our living off one salary, we’re mainly focusing on how we can cut needless spending.  Like that cup of coffee on the way to work.  It adds up to about $10 a week, which adds up to $40 a month, which — in about a year — adds up to about enough money to pay for a camping trip in the summer.   There, thanks to my now making my own coffee at home, I have taken care of a family vacation.  Boo-ya!

I feel like I just made money typing that paragraph.

Another way we’re watching our spending is to make sure we’re eating meals at home, as apposed to eating out so much.  Being on the go as often as we are, this is sometimes easier said than done, considering how often I remember to pack snacks.  Which is like never.

Case in point, the other day, Nate and I were out all morning long running errands…  The former Nate and Nicole would have made a quick stop at Subway or Panera for a sandwich to hold us over.  But we’re new and improved now.  So we ignored our stomachs, which were chatting more than we were, and tried to ignore the sudden irritation.  By two o’clock, on the drive home, Nate was ready to cry, he was so hungry. And then I realized that the loud, uncontrolled sobs were coming from me.  (Slight exaggeration, although I was crying uncontrollably on the inside).  Nate, on the other hand, was screaming at the slow car in front of us, because they were between us and a ham sandwich back home.  (No exaggeration). 

Baby steps, I suppose.  We’ll get there.  I can’t become a snack-packing, super-Nicole overnight, after all.  😉


9 thoughts on “Nine Days In

  1. “I feel like I just made money typing that paragraph.”—> that made me giggle! I’m glad your experiment and new budget are going pretty well! I’m definitely a worrier, too. I will be praying for you 🙂

  2. I also giggled at the “I feel like I just mad money typing that paragraph,” line. Cha-ching!

    Once you get into the routine of packing snacks, it will become second nature. My mom told me to keep a box of granola bars (and a blanket and a jack and a second house…) in my trunk for emergencies. There have been times when slow cars between me and home have been the emergency, and I’ve been grateful that I’ve listened to her advice.

  3. Eating is a big thing. I’d a half day yesterday, so as well as cooking yesterday’s dinner, I also made a huge batch of curry to tide us over for a couple of dinners! I think at the weekend I’ll make batches of chili, lasagne, stew etc… It will make it easier not to get food out. Good luck on week 2-3!

  4. Wow, sounds like you guys get hangry. Me too!

    I highly, highly recommend making a few phone calls to your big expenses to see if you can reduce them (car insurance, phone bill, cable/internet, etc). Try the phone app called “Negotiate It” for help (it tells you exactly what to say when you’re on the phone with one of those companies I mentioned). I did it and it saved me about $75/month at first… which I then ended up just automatically transferring into my savings so I never even felt the difference. Easy, right?

    Great job, guys! 🙂

  5. Woo hoo on the budget progress! One idea that might help…my husband keeps granola bars in his car in case he gets the hunger pains on his 45 min to hour drive home after work. He also uses them if he sees a homeless person at a stoplight on his way home as well.

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