Saturday Snapshotz

Thank you all SO much for your encouraging comments on my last post… and for sharing budget tips and personal financial experiences!  Seriously, you all rock… and are the best bloggy friends that a girl could ever hope for!  You have no idea how much you brighten my day with your comments and blog posts.  I know I’ve said it before, but here I go again… Should I ever become a millionaire someday (hey, it could happen), I’m flying you all to New England for a bloggy get-together!  🙂

But until then, here are some pics from this past week….

**Nothing excites me quite like a brand new year stretching out before me.  I adore calendars, and day planners, and blank squares just begging to be filled in with fun plans.

1 - edited

**It has been quite frigid here in New England… Like -2 degrees Farenheit frigid.  One of my aunts used to say that it’s not truly cold until your nose sticks together.  Let’s just say that it was that cold the other day.  Ha!

1 - edited 2

**  You’d think that I’d be tired of cooking after all the holidays…  but I’m most definitely not.

I recently baked these frosted lemon cookies, which are AMAZING!  (I think they looked extra delicious when served in this adorable tray that my mom bought me for Christmas). Click here for the recipe.

**Nate and I spent last weekend cleaning out the kitchen; because I wanted a cozy, clean corner for my Kitchen-Aid mixer.  A quick tidying up turned into a full-fledged scrubbing and emptying out of the cupboards.  But they didn’t stay empty for long… Both naughty cats discovered the empty space quite quickly.

1 - edited

What have you been up to this week?


8 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshotz

  1. I love a fresh planner/calendar too! And brrrr – I could not handle that cold. It has been in the thirties here in the my part of the southwest and I whine about that. Single digits – I’d never leave the house!

    That tray (gift from your mom) is so cute!

  2. My husband and I will be leaving out if state for a very cold place soon and I don’t know how I’m going to keep warm because I hate buying thicker clothes, they make me feel like a marshmallow. I love the look on your cats face and they look at you, they both have their heads tilted with those big eyes! Oh, and your lemon cookies look absolutely delish, and so cute in that tray too!

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