Christmas 2012 Snapshotz

**In this Christmas morning pic, I look half-exhausted from lack of sleep… and half in shock.  😉  Nate went way over-board this year when it came to spoiling me, and that included this shiny, new KitchenAid mixer.  I’ve honestly always wanted one, but I definitely never told Nate this.  I thought it would be too expensive and there are more practical ways to spend money.

But when I asked him how he possibly could have known how much I would love this, he replied with, “I just know you.”

And that was that.  I was just left being the happiest girl ever on Christmas morning.

**My sister took this pic on Christmas morning.  I think it’s SO beautiful!!

**Humphrey, my sister’s tuxedo-cat, was impatient to open presents.

**I love this pic of me and my Pepere on Christmas Eve.  🙂  I love him so much!!

**And although not half as much, I do love me some of my mom’s homemade rolls too.  🙂

**My family outdid themselves when it came to dessert this year!  It was such a delicious spread.

**It was so special to spend Christmas morning with Nate and my family this year!

**I received some amazing presents, including teacups and tea, earrings, a small food-processor, my tool-box, some gift cards to craft stores, AND a sewing book!


9 thoughts on “Christmas 2012 Snapshotz

  1. You’re the second blog I’ve seen a Kitchen Aid on today! Seems like that was the present to get this year. 🙂 I’d love to get a handheld blender one year, since my arms get a little tired of the mixing.

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