Saturday Snapshotz

*  One of my new favorite Saturday morning traditions:  an egg sandwich, fresh strawberries, and time spent pouring over a new cookbook.  It’s a reminder that no matter how busy the week may have been, it’s possible to slow down and live in the moment.

*  I love how cozy the house feels during the holiday season.  🙂

*  My friend Liz and I went shopping the other night and decided to try on some of the crazy finds we came across…. Like fur vests and leopard print pants.  Too much fun.

*The painters were finishing up the living room the other day and poor, shy Highstreet didn’t know where to hide; since they were blocking the stairs and the basement.  So he did what any sane cat would do.  He hid behind the blender and — well — tried to blend in.

Happy Saturday!!


4 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshotz

  1. I love Saturdays!!

    I also love that first picture of your breakfast. What is it about breakfast pictures that make me swoon? Haha…

    (p.s. Can’t wait for tomorrow!)

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