Here’s to the Memories…

Me and Nate’s first official date was perfect.

He kidnapped me from my college dorm, whisked me away to Boston for the evening, bought me dinner at an Irish pub, and then treated me to an evening at the Wang Theater.  For a typical football loving, video-game playing, often-clueless-when-it-comes-to-romance guy, he did good.

He did real good.

The day was so full of simple happiness and surprises that I didn’t want it to ever end.  And so Nate and I didn’t let it.  Every December, he and I go back to Boston for the day to relive the moment.  The restaurants change, once in awhile there’s snow, and most years we don’t want to spend money on theater tickets.  But the important thing is that we are together in a bustling city full of jingling bells, lights, Christmas spirit, and joy.

Each year is different, but has — in its own way — been perfect, just like the first.  And this year was no exception…

Even the ducks from the classic children’s book Make Way for the Ducklings were feeling festive this year.

There wasn’t any snow this year, but every tree was lit up with dazzling white lights or whimsical colored lights.  I’m fairly certain I asked Nate to pose in front of nearly every one of them.  Being the kind-hearted guy that he is, he obliged.  🙂

We stopped at Sweets for a cupcake…

… then went to the Wang to watch The Grinch.

(I’m always left wondering which is more impressive.  The play or just the Wang itself.  It’s beautiful…. and this pic is just of the lobby.)

Dinner was Italian… Plates as big as my head full of gnochi and cream-coated pasta.  Yes, please!

You know, I was thinking the other day about traditions and about how they start.  And I realized that most often, traditions aren’t planned.  They’re just based on a moment that is so beautiful… so amazing… two people just can’t ever let it end.



$24 top from TJ Maxx.  Skinny pants from Gap.  Black boots from Sears.  Necklace from Loft.


9 thoughts on “Here’s to the Memories…

  1. I love your outfit, it is just So adorable! You are such a snazzy dresser! And, I love the pictures of you and Nate and that you two relive the way that you met and your first date. The Wang is a totally stunning place, I need to visit that and put Boston on mine and my husbands list to visit. Traditions definitely aren’t planned most of the time, and that’s definitely the beauty of it… A moment that is spontaneous in time that you want to replicate again and again.

  2. You look gorgeous of course but LOOK AT NATE!! Whoa hubby! Rockin the shirt + sweater combo! I hope he reads this comment and blushes 🙂 haha

    Also, thank you for sharing your traditions all the time because I need some man-friendly ideas.

  3. I love that you guys keep up the first date tradition. So cute.

    If Matt and I did that we would go to the movies and I would forget my wallet (legitimately, not on purpose or anything like that) and Matt would have to pay for the movie and I would reimburse him the next day. SO romantic.

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