Saturday Snapshotz

It snowed on Nate’s birthday.  It snowed powdered sugar onto spiced, pumpkin pancakes.  Never did a blizzard taste so delicious.

Nate is the king of blowing out candles.  Either that, or my trick candles weren’t so tricky.

I usually say ‘no thanks’ to whipped cream, except for during two occasions.  I always want whipped cream on my icecream sundaes and on my weekend hot chocolates.  🙂  Case closed.

I met Charlie Brown, who is my all-time favorites cartoon character.  (Is it my imagination or did this picture capture Snoopy and Lucy trying to pick-pocket my purse?).

We finally put up the Christmas tree… More pics of that to come.  🙂

I love fuzzy babies…

… even when they play with their food.  (This is the second time this week that poor Mr. Squeaks needed a bath).

What are you up to this weekend??  🙂


8 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshotz

  1. That mug is awesome.
    I always say no to whipped cream unless it’s fresh (ie, not from a can) because I hate the taste of canned whipped cream.
    But I never put whipped cream on ice cream. I don’t like the variation in temperature and texture.

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