Changing Things Up a Bit

Remember how much fun it was to build forts as a little kid?

You’d pull a thicket blanket or two over tall, wooden chairs and the side of your bed?  Making sure the sides of the blankets were held tightly down, you’d crawl inside with your flashlight and a favorite doll, and then you’d get lost in a wonderful, fairytale world full of exciting adventures.

Awww, the memories…

Well, the adult version, I’m fairly certain, is pulling all the furniture from your living room (the couch, the chairs, the piano, and the end tables) and arranging them in the dining room like a cozy, adult-sized dollhouse.

Seriously.  It was kind of fun in a silly sort of way.

Oh… the reason for our crazy rearranging?

Nate and I have been living in our home for three years this upcoming January, and the walls have been white the entire time.  At first, the white walls seemed so delightfully clean and crisp.  But eventually, we both started to crave color!

Hence our recent trip to Home Depot for buckets of paint and paint swatches.

So take one last look at my living room with white walls…

…because the next time you see it put together, the walls will be a golden beige.  🙂

I’m so excited to see how it all comes together.  🙂

Now I suppose I should start hanging things on walls.  😉


7 thoughts on “Changing Things Up a Bit

  1. I think there’s a lesson to be learned here. “Take your time.” Because every time you guys take your time with something, the result is always amazing. 😀

    I can’t wait to see what you guys do next! Everything looks so great! 😀

  2. Are you seriously doing that yourselves? That front door wall is massively high! And around the holidays with everything going on… you are officially my overly-ambitious hero 🙂 ha!

    I hope it turns out great and you looooove it!

    1. Ha, ha! We actually hired someone to paint, don’t worry! I was scared to death of that wall, because it’s SO high!!! But my cousin’s friend paints, so we’re getting a pretty good deal! 🙂 YAY for color!!

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