DIY Festive Cinnamon Candle

I think that one of my all-time favorite scents is cinnamon.

It’s a comforting scent that brings to mind thick slices of warm apple pie, tall mugs of hot apple cider, country stores with creaking floor-boards, and Christmas.

My most recent crafty project would have been finished in half the time, had I not spent so many moments with my eyes closed and my nose buried into a bundle of cinnamon sticks.  So warm and inviting.  So delicious and festive.

For my candle project, I used a Mulled Cider candle from Walmart, some cinnamon sticks I had found on sale at a craft store, a country-looking button, and Christmas ribbon (which I bought for a dollar in the $1 bin at Target).

The hardest part about this project was simply cutting the cinnamon sticks to size.  I measured the sticks against the candle so that they rose about an inch over it.  Then I ‘sawed’ at the cinnamon with a kitchen knife until there was an indent, and then I cracked the cinnamon with my fingers.

I imagine that an actual saw may have come in handy.

The next step is easy.  Simply add hot glue to the cinnamon stick and adhere to the candle.

Around… and around… and around you go.

Tie the ribbon securely around the middle of your candle and hot-glue the button.

Ta, da!!  A perfect hostess or house-warming gift.  Or, as in my case, take a special trip to Mom’s house, just to surprise her with a home-made cinnamon candle.  🙂


13 thoughts on “DIY Festive Cinnamon Candle

  1. Nicole, you’re playing with me 😛 A few weeks ago you posted on CurlyGirl that you were gonna start posting craft adventures. I wanted to comment saying how excited I was and then… womp womp… not there. So now this is the second crafty post on this blog and I just have to say, I am relieved and excited!!!! (<– see, that's excitement!)

    The "country" style is not my thing but your candle is so stinkin cute! Except apparently it doesn't actually stink. Cider and cinnamon, YUM! Your mama is a lucky lady.

    Also, I'm pretty sure Nate could've karate-chopped the cinnamon sticks into proper size. Probably all of them in one hit. That's one of his husbandly skillz, right?!?

    1. Ha, ha,ha, ha!!!! I know, I’m so horrible! LOL! That ‘Curly Girl’ blog was such a tease, to me as well. 😉 I decided to incorporate all my ideas for that blog and to just bring them here to this blog! Soooo, there should definitely be more crafty adventures coming up… on THIS blog! And that’s not a tease. Hee, hee.

      I always tell everyone that my style is ‘modern country’. Nate says that probably isn’t a real thing, but — hey — it’s how our house is decorated. LOL! I’m not really into the rag-doll, everything is stars and twigs, sort of decorating. I do like the warmth of country. So I’m decorating my house with country flair… but I’m holding back a lot on the knickknack department. Maybe my style is more of a French Country look?

      I totally didn’t think to have Nate karate-chop the cinnamon sticks… Silly me!

      1. Phew. I’m happy to read about crafty adventures!

        If you say “modern country” is your style, then it’s officially real! My style is more like… “a focus on colorful and happy with an attempt at modern but really is just whatever I can afford.”

  2. I don’t own a glue gun, hence I don’t do crafts. Or maybe it’s the other way around?

    That candle is really cool though. I bet it smells awesome.

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