Saturday Snapshotz

**I love the spread my mom puts together every Thanksgiving.  The table looks like Thanksgiving.  And she’s been putting out those same Pilgrim candlesticks since I was a little girl.  🙂  Awww, the memories!

**I baked the prettiest little apple pie for Thanksgiving this year.  I’m not sure how it tasted, because I never was able to try it.  (Nate and I left his family’s house before dessert was served).  But, well, it sure looked pretty… so I was kind of proud.

**My sister captured this dramatic, live-action shot on Black Friday morning, as I was on the phone with a gift card company.  I was given a $600 Visa card as a bonus from work… and then lost my personal pin to activate it.  Thank goodness they’re going to send me a new one.  That would have been a lot of missing money to shrug off.

** These are two of my favorite purchases from Black Friday.  A sparkly top from JCPenny and a leapard-print peasant blouse from The Loft.  Both very fun for the holidays… and both under $15!!!

**Tomorrow, Nate and I put up the Christmas tree AND celebrate his belated birthday.  I’m kind of excited.  🙂


8 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshotz

    1. Picasso is a free-downloadble photo-editing site. 🙂 You can do black and white, but then allow a circle of color. So it’s perfect for photos like that… or of single flowers, or fruit. You totally should try it. Like I said, it’s free and it has a lot of great options!!

  1. Matt and I put up our tree yesterday. I need to wait until at least December before putting it up. I don’t like getting in the spirit too early

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