DIY Christmas Bulb Wreath

I think that my favorite thing about Christmas (after you factor in faith, family, food, delightful songs, and bottomless glasses of egg-nog) is all the sparkles and glitter that comes with it.  My friend Wendy and I recently wandered through the Christmas Tree shop, not to buy anything but to touch everything.  There’s just something about dazzling sparkliness that makes me happy.  (Of course, vibrant colors and memories of holidays past don’t hurt either).

Christmas bulbs in particular always make me giddy with excitement.  Especially sparkly or polka-dotted ones.  Sparkly AND polka-dotted ones are even better!

So imagine my excitement when I found out that there are Christmas wreaths made entirely out of Christmas bulbs!  I’m fairly certain that I gasped out loud when I saw my first.  This was immediately followed by an announcement of, “I must buy this!”  Followed by an exclamation of, “Oh my gosh, they’re really charging $50 for a wreath!?!” 

Insert end of dream.

Then I discovered — thanks to Pinterest, this blog , and this blog — that I could actually make a wreath… at home… for less than half the price!  Hmmm, move over Martha Stewart!  I don’t care that I haven’t done a craft since I was six.  I’m making me one of these!

Step one is to buy lots and lots of glittery, shiny bulbs from the Dollar Tree.  (Bulbs of different sizes and colors are the best, in my opinion).  I spent about $11 on 70 bulbs… and didn’t need any more than that.

Your second step is to grab an old wire hanger from your closet and using pliers, pull it apart and form it into an awkward circle.  (IMPORTANT NOTE:  Thick wire hangers are hard to work with.  Take my word on this!  Try using the cheapest, thinnest wire-hanger you have… or maybe even thick craft wire that will hold a shape when bent).

Next, simply string the bulbs onto the wire… (IMPORTANT NOTE:  hot-glue the caps to the top of the bulbs. I did not do this, and I regretted it halfway into my project).

At first, you’ll think that you’re doing it all wrong… and you’ll want to quit and throw your pathetic little wreath out the window. But don’t stop!  Keep adding bulbs, and soon you’ll have to twist them over each other. And your beautiful little wreath will begin to take shape!

Because I had used a very thick wire hanger, it was nearly impossible to close up.  I ended up bending each side into a deformed hook and then just clasped them together to hold the wreath together.  If this happens and your wreath has a bald spot up top like this…

… just cheat — like I did — and hot-glue bulbs to fill in the space.

In the end, I was VERY happy with my project!!  I think my next wreath, whenever I decide to make one, will come out even better.  But this first try is really pretty AND it only cost me $11.  So I’d say that’s pretty much a success!!  🙂

Hmmmm, maybe I do have some crafty skills after all?


18 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Bulb Wreath

  1. oh dear, Pinterest has become a bad word in my home. This year I told my Most Beloved that we were going to have a ‘themed’ Christmas tree this year. And it was going to be Shabby Chic. He just looked at me blankly until I told him everything was going to be mauve. I think I made him cry. 🙂 My daughters are threatening to hold an intervention . . . . . .

    1. haha I’m not sure which is better – Nicole’s wreath or your comment. Perhaps Dr Drew needs to start a Pinterest Rehab show?! You should’ve gotten your family’s reaction on video. Priceless!

  2. I love those polka dot bulbs!! If we were neighbors, I’d totally come make a wreath with you. While we were work, our men would probably make jokes about Christmas “balls” not “bulbs” and watch some manly “Christmas” movie like Die Hard.

    Now that I’m off the weirdo tangent… Does the wreath make a bunch of noise when you open/close the door? Or are the bulbs packed tightly enough that they don’t really move?

    1. Ha, ha!! ‘Manly Christmas movie like ‘Die Hard’. That’s too funny… but way too true! 😉 The bulbs are packed tight enough so there’s no movement! 🙂 Plus, they’re the shatter-proof bulbs, which is a bonus.

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