Gingerbread Men Invasion — a repost from last year’s adventures

Tonight there will be an invasion of gingerbread men in my house.  I thought I’d repost last year’s recap to kind of give you a heads up as to what will be happening this year…  😉  Although really, one never knows what will happen when Sarah and I get together to decorate.


Why This May Be Our Last Year Decorating Cookies (published November 25, 2011)

Decorating Gingerbread men on the eve of Thanksgiving is an annual tradition in the ‘L—’ household, dating back to the days of my early childhood.  I remember the smells of cinnamon, nutmeg, and molasses wafting through the kitchen.  I remember my mom giving us careful instruction to do our best, since this was for company.

And, of course, even the sillest, sloppiest of decorating jobs was cute then, since I was six years old.

Sadly, my decorating skills haven’t improved much.

So anything can happen…

It’s not entirely my fault.  Somehow, when I got married and moved out of the house, my mom passed the gingerbread men tradition on to my sister and I.  Which means we have full run of my kitchen.

No adult supervision…  since we tend to forget that we’re adults now.

Buckets and buckets of frosting.  Cookies.

(That my friends, is the face of a nutritionist who has eaten one too many lima beans).  ;)

We really have no shame when it comes to who is going to see our end result.  (Since there will be little kids we can ‘blame’ the cookies on).

It’s like letting a toddler run wild and free in a candy store.  Like telling an abstract painter that there are no limits or boundaries.

No rules.

The end result is usually a combination of hilarious, scary, and sugar gone wild.  I mean, if there were a cookie mafia, Sarah and I would be the godmothers.

We take our jobs very seriously.  At least when we’re not rolling on the ground laughing hysterically from breathing in sugar fumes.

You never know what we’ll come up with.

Like the theme of this year’s cookie fiasco was turning leaf shapes into characters with faces.

Or characters with googly eyes… like Smarty Arty.

I also had this fascination with everything tropical, despite the fact that most gingerbread men are dressed in hats and scarves.  I decided that there have to be Gingerbread men in Hawaii too.

Okay, fine, Sarah and I didn’t really have a theme this year.  No descrimination in my kitchen.  All will be represented.

Even pirates.

But the way I see it is this…  If variety really is the spice of life, then our gingerbread men have to be FULL of flavor!  :)

I’m just not completely sure that my mom is going to allow us to make the gingerbread cookies next year.  ;)

What’s one of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?



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