Cinderella for the Evening

On Friday night, I’m fairly certain that I understood the emotions that Cinderella experienced when she first stepped into the castle for the elaborate ball.  The wonderment of the beauty and elegance around her, the taking it all in, and the giggles that rose up inside of her everytime someone commented on how beautiful her dress was.

And, most importantly, the excitement of spending such an enchanted evening with a certain Prince Charming.

Nate and I attended a very fancy banquet on Friday night, where he received another award for his bravery in the line of duty.  The banquet was held at a lovely function-hall, and I couldn’t help telling Nate, “I feel like high society today.”

A woman over-heard me and said, “My dear, tonight you are.”

I’m pretty sure that maybe she was my fairy godmother? 

The dinner was good, although not exceptional.  Dessert, however, was to die for.  It was probably the most amazing chocolate cake that I had ever tasted.  Hands down!  Even Nate gobbled it up, and he’s not really a cake fan.

It was an elegant, amazing evening that I’ll never forget.  And I was SO proud when they called Nate’s name and spoke of his bravery and character.

Hmmmm, sometimes, the real thing is even better than a fairy-tale.


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