I Survived Hurricane Sandy

Well, Nate and I survived Hurricane Sandy…  Things got a bit scary late last night when the wind starting whistling Dixie and throwing branches at our house.  We also woke up around 4 am to the sound of a huge thud and then dragging across the roof of our house.

I sat up in bed and exclaimed, “That better have been Santa.”

But it wasn’t.  (Which was kind of a good thing, because I couldn’t get my heart to stop racing after that.  So apparently I have an irrational fear of Santa Clause that I wasn’t originally aware of).

We woke up this morning to survey the damage and things weren’t too bad, considering the ruckus we heard last night.  We are missing lots of shingles from our roof though.  In fact, there’s a nice, big bald spot up there that should technically be covered.

You know, if we don’t want to start taking cold showers in the bedroom, thanks to unwelcome drips after every rainstorm.  I know that Highstreet was appalled by the idea.

Either that or he was horrified that I forgot to knock?

Anyway, we spent a good part of the morning contacting friends in the area for roofer suggestions, since we’re missing about 10 shingles.

It’s amazing how a storm can really shake things up and make you feel grateful for your home.  Your family.

Hurricane Sandy left much ruin in her path, including a death toll of 39 in the United States… and counting.  It makes you realize that you can’t take even one minute for granted.  Every moment is precious.  And really, you just shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.

Let’s not forget to say ‘I love you’.  To help our neighbors.  And to pray for those who were tragically affected by this horrible storm.


7 thoughts on “I Survived Hurricane Sandy

  1. Any weather disaster is made better by showing photos of healthy, happy, dry kitties.

    Maybe it really was Santa on your roof and he just ripped a few shingles off in frustration when he realized you didn’t leave any cookies out for him! haha. Good stuff. Glad you guys are okay!

  2. Check with your home owners insurance. They might cover the cost of a new roof. Also – go with someone that has been around a long time and will stand by any warrenty they make claim of. Beware of “outsiders” coming in, offering cheaper offers, and scamming you. Speaking as one who lives in tornado alley. 🙂

  3. Happy to see that you guys came through unscathed with only minor damage to the house. Luckily Sandy didn’t make it quite this far in land. We had some really heavy winds, but nothing too crazy.
    I think other parts of Southern Ontario got it worse though. I heard there was one casualty in Toronto.

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