The award ceremony – Friday in Vegas

Friday was a special day for Nate, as there was a luncheon in his honor as well as the Medal of Honor ceremony.

The day started with breakfast at a cafe…

… and then a very important palm-tree hug.  Seriously, have you hugged a palm tree lately?  Don’t underestimate the happiness it can bring.  😉

We also walked along Fremont Street a bit and found this really great street-performer who acted like a statue until we gave him a donation.

We had way too much fun posing with him.

Like, wayyyyy too much fun.

But he was a good sport!  🙂  (Either that or he really liked our money.  But I’m more inclined to believe that he just liked hanging out with us, since we’re so fun).

When we finally ran out of money, we ran back to the hotel for lunch.  😉  The luncheon was held in an intimate room at the hotel, and the food was delicious!  As usual, I tried a little bit of everything… you know, just to check it out for Nate to make sure there were no nuts.  (Since he’s allergic).

I know, I’m such a good wife.

We had a few hours to kill after that, so we decided to burn calories and lay by the pool with our Kindles.

I think that maybe I could get used to this.

Sadly, it was a bit too cold to go swimming.  Nate and I thought the breezy, 70 degree weather was comfortable, since we were coming from New England.  But the residents were walking around with jackets and sweatshirts.

That being said, I seriously ignored my book and watched kid after kid go down the shark slide.  One boy had it down perfectly.  He dragged his arms along the sides until he came to a crawl at the bottom.  And he’d literally just sit there in the middle of the shark tank and let the fish and sharks swim around him.

Here’s a shot of it at night, all lit up.  Best invention ever!  (Sadly, I never did get the chance to slide down it myself, and neither did Nate).  But we sure had fun staring into it, mesmerized by the sharks!!

That night, my hubby was awarded his Medal of Honor during a banquet.

It was a very classy ceremony.  Everyone was dressed up, and there were speeches and a newspaper photographer.

It was surprisingly emotional in ways I hadn’t expected.  It was emotional to see Nate standing on stage, receiving a standing ovation and a medal for his bravery.  It was emotional realizing that I had almost lost him June.  It was emotional hugging a woman who did lose her husband not long ago.

I cried… but mostly happy tears.

I LOVE my guy!!  And I am SO proud of him!!!


7 thoughts on “The award ceremony – Friday in Vegas

  1. I felt the same way last January when I went to Orlando. Everyone was wearing winter coats and I thought, “What the hell?”. I was wearing a t-shirt!
    I literally saw a woman in a ful length fur coat.

  2. Clearly I need to drop everything and go hug a palm tree! Or you guys. Congrats on everything and Nate, I am so glad you had the chance to take this trip and be honored for your awesomeness!

  3. Okay first of all, YOU WORE THE LEATHER TOP! Yay! You look SO good in that, girl! And I love that you hugged a palm tree and I’m so glad you shared more shark slide pictures! That is so cool! And I’m glad the ceremony was so special. He deserved it for sure!

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