Vegas, Baby!

2 am. 

The time Nate and I woke up on Thursday morning, in order to get to the airport in time to catch our early flight for Vegas.


The only food I ate from 7pm on Wednesday until 4pm on Thursday.  (Note to self:  next time, pack snacks for the airport, in case you don’t have time to pick up an actual meal between flights.  Otherwise, severe hunger and crankiness may occur).


There’s nothing like a good stretch after a long, six-hour flight.

Yeah, guilty as charged.  The cowgirl boots totally came to Vegas with me.  🙂


Finding out that your hotel has a shark tank… and that the water slide goes smack-dab through it.


Fremont Street during day-light hours.  We ain’t in New England any more.

Being a tourist.

Posing for pics, even while your husband is checking out the area for security detail.


The biggest plate of creamy, bacon and cheese topped pasta you can find.  (Yeah, I’m totally on a low-fat, low-carb diet right now).


Flashing Lights.

Fremont Street during the evening hours.  (There are also a lot of flashy characters.  ‘Nough said).


Spending a weekend exploring a new place with the hubby.  (More blog posts to come!!).


9 thoughts on “Vegas, Baby!

  1. Love all of the pictures!!

    And PLEASE tell me that the cheeze its were the only thing you ate from 7pm until 4 am (and not 4 pm.) I would have died. Literally, I think. Haha!!

    1. Nope, 4pm. We left the house at 2am in the morning and then got stuck on the airplane and refused to pay $5 for a little bag of peanuts. Ha, ha. (Well, Nate couldn’t have them anyway). And then, we barely had time to catch our second flight, so there was only time to grab Cheezits. I pretty much did almost die and don’t intend to ever let that happen again. Ha, ha.

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