Packing for Oz… I mean, Vegas

I’ve always rather enjoyed packing for trips or vacations, mainly because the excitement leading up to an adventure is half the experience.

Packing for our upcoming, whirlwind trip to Vegas is different though.  I feel like Dorothy about to be whisked away from Kansas into the beautiful, sparkly world of Oz.  Except she had it made, because — tornado ride or not — at least she was presented with the perfect pair of dazzling red shoes once she arrived there.  I, on the other hand, have to actually plan my wardrobe.

And let’s face it…  I’m a country girl whose husband lives in plaid shirts.  Unless we’re going to sign up for a log-splitting contest, we probably won’t exactly fit in.

Then again, could anyone really stand out in Vegas if they tried?

Anyway, I’ve started planning my wardrobe for Vegas, just to be safe.  You know, so that there’s at least a chance that my husband and I will step off the plane without flannel, plaid, or cowgirl boots following us.  Honestly, the initial temptation was to buy clothes completely different than anything I’d normally wear.  You know, just for the excitement of it all.

Like this leather T, which brought out my inner bad-girl.  Seriously.  I tried it on and wanted to open cabinets in the kitchen without closing them.  I wanted to stay up past my usual bed-time.  I wanted to eat chocolate for breakfast, to watch TV instead of doing chores, and to make faces at my cats.

Yeah, totally bad to the bone!

But finally, I just decided to call in the big guns.  (A.k.a. my sister Sarah).  Between the two of us, we came up with the handful of outfits I needed, and everything was already in my closet.  A few sparkly tops, my favorite pair of skinny jeans, two dresses, and a handful of bangles later, and I was actually ready for Vegas…. DAYS in advance.

AND I’m going dressed like me, which is the best part of all.  🙂

Now… I just need to go through my hubby’s closet. 

P.S.  Nate ordered me that leather shirt the other day.  Apparently, he likes it when I make faces at the cats.


6 thoughts on “Packing for Oz… I mean, Vegas

  1. That shirt is awesome! It looks like something I would wear. Then again, anything black looks like something I would wear.

  2. You look so cute and sassy in that shirt, I love that Nate got it for you! You will have so much fun in las Vegas, it is a hoot and there are people who stand out in Vegas… For all the wrong reasons, of course. 😉 have an amazing trip and take lots of pictures!

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