Year-end and exercise beginnings

I apologize for the lack of blog post yesterday.  I’d give you the detailed, technical explanation behind my lack of internet access here at home — you know, the explanation that involves red wires, blue wires, and ethernet cables — but have instead decided to give you a more to-the-point explanation.  Nate was working in the basement.

‘Nough said.  😉

Anyway, tomorrow is the last day of fiscal year-end at work, which means life goes back to being crazy instead of I’m-about-to-pull-all-my-hair-out kind of crazy.  I’m so ready!  This September was actually not quite as stressful as some of the past, but I am officially exhausted.

However, as in most year-ends spent at the office, this past month has been really bad in terms of working out and healthy eating.  I’m kind of at the point where chocolate is a part of my main food groups, and I’ve forgotten what broccoli looks like.  **sheepish grin**

Okay, maybe not that bad.

But it’s not good either.

I did have a great workout a few days ago, when I was feeling particularly motivated. Of course, I haven’t been able to walk normal since, so exercising has kind of fallen by the way-side until the intense, aganizing pain goes away.  Apparently, doing a Jillian Michael workout DVD, followed by squats, followed by planks, followed by 3 miles on the exercise bike is a bit much when you haven’t been working out much.

These past few days, my less-than-graceful-gait is a mix between a cave-woman and a gorilla.  I avoid stairs at all cost.  And bending down enough to sit down in my car is virtually impossible.  I just open my door and then throw myself in sideways, hoping I land on the seat.

I’m so sore, and it ain’t pretty.

On a positive note, I’m one step closer to forming a dedicated, exercise routine.

Yay me!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Year-end and exercise beginnings

  1. Hahaha a mix between a cave woman and a gorilla. I think you’re so funny and you’re always brightening my day!!

    I’m so happy your life will just be normal crazy now 🙂

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