For Today’s Date… let’s rent a U-haul?

You know how ‘they’ say that you should make lemonaid when life gives you lemons?  Well, I did that this past weekend.  I made a lot of it.  Like, I made enough of it to fill a small bathtub and then some.

Bad thing?  Nate’s accident!

Good thing?  He’s doing very well.   (Still keep those prayers a’coming though, because the numbness in his leg is pretty intense).

Bad thing?  Nate is out of work for quite some time on disability… which — you know — doesn’t fit into our scheduled, five-year financial plan.

Good thing?  He’s home.  Every.  Single.  Weekend.

**insert image of me doing a very-awkward, yet happy dance**

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you will know that I work Monday through Fridays.  Nate worked Fridays through Tuesdays.  Before Nate’s accident, weekends spent together were few-and-far-between and could be tallied by the number of scattered vacation days  we were able to take throughout the year.

Right now, as things are settling and Nate is healing, he’s home on weekends.  With me.

For this past Saturday, Nate and I decided to take inspiration from the good ol’ days, back when we were dating and focused on the one thing that really mattered:  spending time together.  We never really cared about what we ended up doing, and we most certainly never made plans.  Yet, somehow, we always ended up doing something magical.

Like chatting in a cafe over cups of coffee.  Or watching a movie. Or then there was the time that we made faces at gorillas in the zoo.

Of course, making plans isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

This Saturday, Nate and I found ourselves at the site of one of our first dates, completely prepared to go apple picking.  Only the quaint New England orchard had been shut down.  If you look close enough in the pictures below, you can even see the barbed wire surrounding the apple trees.


So we decided to rent a U-haul instead.

Seriously.  We did.  Because…

**Quick intake of breath as I prepare to talk a mile a minute***

We’ve been saving for a treadmill for quite some time now because the gym is so expensive… And we just happened to walk into Dick’s sporting goods to look at them… And there was a floor-model on sale for $500… when this particular treadmill usually costs $1,500… And so purchasing it meant a savings of at least $500 for us, since we were planning on spending at least $1,000…  So we bought it… and then found out that used treadmills can’t be shipped by the store…

So Nate said “Hey, let’s rent a U-haul!”

And I was like, “Oh my gosh, YES, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to ride in a U-haul.”

So there you have it.

We rented a U-Haul for our date.

But anyway, lemonaid.  Sometimes, those lemons really do end up with a few sweet sips here and there.  🙂  Because as fun as driving in that U-Haul was, spending the day with my hubby was a million times more!


6 thoughts on “For Today’s Date… let’s rent a U-haul?

    1. So, long story short, the treadmill came without the start-up key… or whatever it is. So the manufacterer is sending it to us at no extra charge. But I haven’t been able to use it yet!!

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