Quick question… and a poll!


Today there’s a post AND a question waiting for you!  🙂

The post is below, because I published it last night.

And here’s the question…

As you know, I had started a side blog called Curly Girl, just to keep track of makeup products I’m trying out, new outfits I’m buying, and hair products I’m falling in love with.  I’ve decided, however, that these posts will be scattered, as apposed to daily.

So why not just include them on my Just Live It blog?

So I’m going to delete Curly Girl and bring the fashion, makeup, and hair posts here to my main blog, for those of you who are interested in all that.  (And for those of you who aren’t, I promise that these will just be fun extra’s.  It won’t be the focus of this blog).

But here’s my question.

Do you like the look / style / colors of Just Live It or Curly Girl better??  Do you like vibrant, fun pinks… or a more laid-back, minimal approach?

How would you like this blog to look? Just curious!


8 thoughts on “Quick question… and a poll!

  1. I’m writing this in the wee hours of the morning while waiting for my daughter to fall back asleep…I realized I’ve been following your blog for years now (!!) and just wanted to say that I always enjoy what you’ve written (even if I don’t comment) and I admire your commitment to frequent writing (I’ve really fallen off the band wagon). Hopefully this isn’t creepy…I really hope we get the chance to meet some day!

  2. I also read via Google Reader so it doesn’t much matter except when I come to comment… then I prefer white background no matter what site it is (easier to read). Also, it’s YOUR blog! You can change it every month if you really want to… Won’t stop me from coming by 🙂

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