Family… forever


There are moments when you might rub each other the wrong way.  When the house you share might feel just a tad bit too small.  When it’s all you can do to not deny the fact that — yes — you are indeed forever and always related.

It’s a part of life, I suppose.

Those moments.

But then there are the other moments.  The moments that link you together with a chain of love that is unbreakable throughout time, experience, and space.  The laughter moments that leave you teary-eyed and sore-ribbed.  The hugging, cuddling, encouraging, and just-being-there-for-each-other moments.

(From left to right… that’s me… my dad… my mom… my brother Matthew… and Sarah!)

It’s funny…  I remember my mom sitting me and my little sister Sarah down in our bedroom after we had a sibling argument.  There, surrounded by pink walls, white-laced curtains, and endless piles of stuffed animals, my mom explained to us that — one day — we would be best friends.  That while friends would come and go throughout our life, we would always have each other.

I’m fairly certain that — in the moment — Sarah and I glared at each other from our own corners of the room, crossed our arms, and pouted a bit.  It was just one of those moments that we knew our mother was wrong.

Only she wasn’t.  Because, well, we are best friends.

I feel as though family becomes more and more important to me as time goes on.

They really are there for you always.

Oh, yes, and they tell the best jokes and stories!

This weekend, we celebrated a very special birthday in my family, because Pepere turned 80 years young.

The picture below is a snapshot of Pepere, all Pepere’s grandkids (a.k.a. me and my cousins) along with our significant others.  That right there is what matters in life.

It’s happiness, joy, and never-ending love.


I love mine SO much!  🙂


8 thoughts on “Family… forever

  1. Happy birthday to your Pepere! You have such a beautiful family! I definitely remember people telling me that one day I would be best friends with my sisters and I just laughed at them. And like you, today my sisters are my best friends. 🙂

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