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It was love at first sight, when I tried on this pair of XOXO shoes….  Nate laughed at me as I pranced around the store in the heels, and he said that these shoes were so ME.

Then he saw the price tag.

And it was love lost…  😉

To be completely honest, it’s a known fact that I rarely will buy a clothing item at full-price.  So it may be wishful thinking on my part, but I fully expect to buy these shoes someday… at half the price.

Like this Max Studio top I bought today for $20… normally $78.

Stretching my clothing budget is a MUST for me right now, because I’ve been going through the clothes I have for this upcoming fall and winter.  And, well, the options aren’t pretty.  I’ve been putting a lot of my money into the house, which is a good thing, but now the wardrobe is looking a bit desperate.

And since I have to dress up for my job, there will be a lot of bargain shopping in the near future.

AND, you all know how much I LOVE shopping, especially bargain shopping.  The thing is that this blog has never been a fashion or make-up-based blog, and I don’t really want it to become that now.  SO, I started a side blog, where I’ll document my shopping adventures.  (I’ll also be reviewing makeup products and curly-hair products).  So if you shudder at the thought of shopping or makeup or girly-girl stuff, then keep reading this blog and completely ignore my side blog, because this blog is where the quality writing will be. (Or, well, better writing).  😉

But for those of you who are interested in cosmetic reviews and fashion finds, check out my other blog at: Curly Girl.

And that’s my side-note for today…. Back to my regularly scheduled blogging!  Ha, ha.  🙂


One thought on “Side blog

  1. Such a great deal on the shirt! It looks so cute on you! I love great deals! Christopher and I are both such thrift store shoppers. In fact this weekend while we were in Illinois we stopped at this giant place called “Savers” because it looked promising (we came upon it by complete accident). Anyway, we left with an espresso maker for $8 and a pair of Lucky jeans for $12 (originally $100!). You and I need to get together and shop, girl!

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