Not Alone

I’ve always been a stress-runner…

Jogging helps to clear my mind of all that ‘stuff’ I may have been thinking about a little too much.  It helps me focus.  It’s just me, the neighborhood, and a whole lot of prayers.

And somehow, I always feel a little better after I’ve finished.  I might be limping a little from a bum knee or a tight hip that doesn’t seem to like me very much.  But I feel more at peace.

Somehow even more rested, even if I might be physically exhausted.

Tonight I needed to run.  With a funeral for a much-loved family member coming up and emotions left-over from everything that happened to Nate, there was a lot racing through my mind at speeds I couldn’t process.  So when Nate and I were driving back from a nearby campground where we had gone for a liesurely walk, I asked him if he could drop me off about 2 miles from home.  He agreed, but reached for my hand and gave it a squeeze.  I squeezed it back and sent him a smile that said, “Don’t worry, I’m okay.”

He dropped me off as I had requested and drove off, quickly disappearing around a corner.  I started to run and focused on my slow, steady breathing.  The sound of my feet hitting the pavement.

I waited for those thoughts and emotions to disappear, but they refused.  They made it hard to breathe.  And I suddenly felt a little over-whelmed.  Maybe a little lonely.  A little lost.

I was pushing myself up the first hill and was almost at the top when I heard a man’s voice yell, “You’re doing great!”

I looked up to wave a ‘thank you’ to my myserious cheer-leader and then laughed when I realized it was Nate.  Whether his protective side had kicked in when he dropped me off on the side of the road, or he was inspired by a current television commercial, or he just knew that I needed someone with me, he had waited at the halfway mark…. just to tell me that I could make it.

That is when I didn’t feel lonely anymore.  And that is when I spent the rest of my run sending up some ‘thank you’s to a God who had given me such a special guy!

Because even when I tried to look brave and strong, he knew that I needed someone to be brave and strong for me.  And so he was.


4 thoughts on “Not Alone

  1. Dear Nicole, I had tears in my eye when I finished reading your post. I’m just so happy to have read something so beautiful and truthful and lovely all the same! Thank you and may God bless you both!

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