Oh Peaches!

I’m fairly certain that I live in New England for one reason and one reason only.  (Well, other than the fact that I was born here… and that my family lives here… and that most of my friends are in the area… and that I rely desperately on my sister for her never-failing fashion advise whenever I go shopping).

Other than these more obvious examples, I live here for one reason.

Then again, to call it ‘one reason’ may not be entirely fair, because it is — after all — made up of so many wonderful things.  Things like nutmeg and cinnamon, mugs of warm cider, bustling state fairs, apple picking, tall brown boots, snuggly sweaters, bright orange pumpkins, farmers markets, and brilliant red trees.

Okay, so I live here for more reasons than I can count.  But most of them can be bundled together into one neat little word.  Of that much I’m sure.


I heart autumn.  It’s when New England comes alive with color and my favorite-of-favorite activities.  And on the first brisk morning, no matter how warm the temperatures threaten to reach that day, I know that my favorite season is almost here.  And I know that I have to begin squeezing in every little fallish activity, flavor, scent, and outfit before it’s over…all too soon.

And so, when I woke up the other morning and found myself reaching for a lite blanket to ward off the slight chill, I knew that it was most certainly time for the first fallish activity of the year, even if it’s hardly fall yet at all.

Peach picking.

Hmmm, I so wish I could send each of you a fuzzy, sweet smelling, fresh peach.

There’s nothing like it.  There’s also nothing like walking through a peach orchard and picking the largest, juiciest fruits you can possibly find…

When I go peach picking, the promise of Autumn is here, while the warmth of summer is still hanging on.  It’s sunshine, a light wind, the smell of peaches in the air, and a cloudless sky.

It’s happiness.  A pure, simple, New England-type, homey, comforting happiness. 🙂


9 thoughts on “Oh Peaches!

  1. Oh man, rub it in! I came from the Hudson Valley area, full of orchards as far as the eye could see, inbetween the mountains that is. Sigh, what I wouldn’t give for a fresh peach and bushels of apples. . . .We try to make it back each October for apples, but miss those peaches, cherries, blueberries, and everything else. Each a juicy one for me, won’t you? 🙂

  2. I was pretty disappointed when I went to the farmer’s market this weekend that I couldn’t find any peaches! Granted, I’ve already eaten my way through about 4 baskets this season so I suppose I didn’t need them. But the season for peaches is so short and peaches are probably my favourite summer fruit.

  3. I man I can’t even imagine what it would be like to walk through a peach orchard. Over Here in England even strawberry fields are failing with the unreliable weather! Love that you grab onto the small but special things. Be blessed! x

  4. I’ve never been peach picking before! I’ve been buying them from the farmer’s market though. Very interesting, I usually think of peaches as a summer fruit, but you’re right, fall is almost here. Today was our first brisk day, I believe, and the sun is starting to set earlier. I am a self-proclaimed summer girl myself, but I think the weather is starting to put me in the mood for autumn 🙂

  5. How rude! (Said like Stephanie from Full House). Now I want to move north! Fall is also my favorite time of year where I live (PA) for many similar reasons. It’s gorrrrgeous.

    So you’re inviting us all to visit you to experience a New England Autumn, right?!? 😛

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