My 29th Birthday… just 2 months late

In all the craziness that has happened as of late, I forgot to blog about my 29th birthday, which was such an amazingly fun, beautiful day celebrated in June. 

So today, I give you my 29th birthday… just two months late. 

If you’ve read my blog for even just a little while, you’ll know how important family is to me.  They’re honestly my whole world.  And so there’s no one I’d rather spend my birthday with each year than them!  Which is why, every year, I have my family over the house for a Hawaiian BBQ!  (Because I happen to love Hawaii too).  😉

This year’s birthday started with a mini-shopping trip with my brother Matt….

… and my sister Sarah.

I was leaving for Cape Cod the very next day and didn’t have a pair of sunglasses.  Matt and Sarah said that I absolutely NEEDED to have sunglasses on my trip and drove to the mall with me to help me find a pair.  I’m glad they did, because they have way better taste than I do when it comes to such things!

Who knew that shopping for sunglasses could be so difficult!?!

After that, it was time to partay!  As you can see by the photo below, my parents needed some convincing.  😉

Yep, I get my quiet, shy personality from my mom, as you can see.
 I think it was fitting that Nate wore a T which, ‘Courage’.  This was just weeks before his accident, and he has truly proven himself to be courageous since!!)

After dinner, I opened presents (although I had set a no-presents rule).  Ha, ha.

I received a lot of amazing things, but I think my two favorites was this adorable beach bag filled with goodies (from my sister)…

…. and this pink tool set from my dad.  (I’ve actually used the screw-driver twice already, so it has really come in handy).

And my birthday is never complete without icecream sundaes!  (We do it every year instead of cake, and it’s always a huge hit).  I’m on a diet, so I only had one serving of everything.  😉  Okay, fine, there may have been two servings squeezed in here and there.  You do only turn 29 once!

Yep, I can honestly say that my 29th birthday ROCKED!


8 thoughts on “My 29th Birthday… just 2 months late

  1. What a fun day. And I think we need to have icecream sundaes TWICE a year. You know. As a celebration of your birthday’s halfway point. 😉

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