My 2nd 5k Race

The thing about 5k’s is that they’re quite addictive.  Like a Starbuck’s skinny caramel latte addictive.  Like shoe-shopping addictive.

Like I want to spend $30 to run 3 miles that I technically could run for free addictive.

I have, after all, run two races in the past two weeks, while I had never run one before.  And I’m allowing myself to be convinced by friends that my summer and autumn won’t be complete unless I run another.  Or maybe two.

See, I told you!  Addictive. 

The other thing about 5k’s is that you show up at the event feeling all pumped and full of energy…  The crowd mills about you, preparing to cheer you on or run beside you.  You suddenly feel like you’re on top of the world… Unconquerable.  Unstoppable.

And then the gun goes off and you realize, “Oh, wait, I actually have to run this thing now.”

For Saturday’s 5k, I ran with my dad, sister, and a whopping 400 people who came out to run the small-town race.  On paper, the course was much easier than last week’s run, because it was mainly flat.  But in reality, it was much more difficult.

The weather was quite hot, and the air was as thick as pea soup.  It was one of those days that makes breathing feel a bit over-rated… and here we were running 3 miles in it.

There was also the matter of my not training for this race… at all.  **sheepish grin**

I’m not going to lie, it was one of the toughest 3 miles I’ve run in a long time.  But I at least finished in 31 minutes, so that’s the time for me to beat next time.  Sarah stuck by my side, even though she could have definitely run faster… and my dad ran it in 21 minutes, which was awesome!

The next time I run?  I’ll definitely make it at least in 30 minutes!  🙂


9 thoughts on “My 2nd 5k Race

  1. I hate it when it’s hot outside and you gotta exercise and I think that running when it’s muggy has to be torture. But, I think that’s awesome you did another 5k and you made it through, and you are pushing yourself to do more which I totally admire because I’d never be able to do it!

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