I need your help choosing!

There is a bit of an epidemic here in the B household….  And currently, there’s no end in sight.

It’s called the chipped-dish epidemic, and over 75% of my dinnerware has caught the contagious disease.  At the rate my plates and mugs are falling prey, you’d think that the hubby and I literally throwing our dishes into the dishwasher each night. And we don’t.

Or, well, at least not very often.

I originally had decided to not replace my dinnerware until we painted the kitchen… or at least decided on a color.

But since the painting of our kitchen walls isn’t happening anytime fast — and we now are serving food served on plates that look a bit like ancient ruins — I decided that enough was enough.

And it didn’t hurt that Nate said, “Why don’t you just buy a new set of dishes?”

I mean, who am I to argue with my hubby?

This time around, I’m going with a set from Corelle.  Eventually I’d love to save up and buy a fine set of China dishes that are too pretty and fragile to eat off of.  😉  But for now, I’m choosing cute and practical.  And Corelle dishes promise to not chip or fade.

And they are cute.

So I’m hooked.

This is where I need your help!

I think these are my faves, but I’m finding it impossible to choose which one to buy. What do you think?  Which patterns are your favorites?

#1  Black with white polka dots

#2.  Country flowers

#3.  Daisy Days

#4.  Enchanted (coming soon)

#5.  Sprigs of red flowers

#6.  Retro


14 thoughts on “I need your help choosing!

  1. I like the black and white polka dots. But really I’d just pick based on plate size… whichever set has the least ginormous plates.

    I have plates with a design on them at home because I bought them on steep discount and I didn’t really give a crap. My thinking was: I just need something to eat off of. If I were to buy a new set now though, I think I’d go with solid white. Food just looks better on white plates.

    1. I totally agree! My current, falling-apart set is very colorful, and I wished that I had dishes with more white so that the food could take center stage! 🙂

  2. Believe it or not, the SAME thing happened to me. I am so angry about it because I wasn’t able to use my set (they were wedding gifts) until we moved into our new home two years ago, and they have chipped like crazy since then. Darn you, Pottery Barn. Darn you.

    So, I, too, am going with Corelle! I have decided to do white because no matter what I do to my kitchen, they will always match!

    Based on your photo, I think #5 matches best, but will you tire of the red? Oh, they’re all so pretty. You can’t go wrong. I am also partial to #1 and #4.

    Good luck!!

  3. I have Corelle (for the inexpensive reason) in solid white as well as another set with white slashes around the perimeter. I dig the solid white because it goes with any kitchen, any season, any food. So uhh, maybe #1?

    This is the sort of thing I too would stress about until I realize that no one’s ever going to come over, eat your food, and be like “this plate does NOT match your wall paint.” 🙂

    Keep us posted!

    1. Ha! So true! So if I can just decide which one is my favorite, then who cares if it completely matches my paint color in the future? 😉 Loving all these ideas though!! It’s SO hard to choose!!

  4. This is tough!! I like #3 🙂

    Corelle IS a great brand! My family also has Corningware (I think it’s part of Corelle? I should probably know this..) and we’ve had the same dishes since I can remember. So probably over 20 years. 🙂

    1. You know, I think I’ve totally heard of Corningware, now that you mention it! I’ll have to look into that before I make my purchase! (Although in that case, I’ll probably have a ‘I need your help choosing’ part 2 blog post)! Ha ha.

  5. Errr, can I am stuck between #3 and #5 myself so I can’t come up with a favorite between those two but I like those the best, though they are all cute. It’s a tough decision and I’m never very good at making decisions at all!

  6. Oh girl, we have Corelle and they are amazing! I’m terrible about dropping things and we’ve never even had a chip and definitely no breaks. They are great! I love #3 & #5! I am a fan of square plates in particular so that doesn’t hurt. 😉

  7. I like Daisy Days!! 🙂 I love dishes. I have a couple of sets from back in the day. http://www.pfaltzgraff.com has great dishes. I’ve had mine that I got from Belk actually for 10 yrs. Only 1 has chipped and I think it was the hubs ;).

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