Getting Healthy

You’re not going to believe this, but I already signed up for another 5k.

I know, I know.  I don’t believe it either.  I mean, at this rate, I’ll be doing something crazy in the next year or so, like running in a marathon buying real running gear.

Granted, it’s going to be a small-town run, so I imagine that there will be about 100 runners compared to the 9,000 who ran on Saturday.  This means that since my only goal is to not come in last, I have to make sure that I run faster than at least 99 people.*  Hmmm, I almost preferred my odds when I was running with the 9,000 (especially since I spotted mothers walking with baby carriages). 

But still, I’m excited to just get out there and breathe in that fresh, country cow manure air.  Exercise hasn’t been top priority over the past month, so I’m hoping that this will motivate me to get my healthy on.

Oh, and speaking of healthy…

Guess who picked a tomato out of her garden the other day?

Yeah, I’m just a little proud.

Okay, fine, you got me.  I named it, took pictures with it, called my parents about it, and then made it my Facebook status update. 

What can I say?  I had thought it was impossible, but apparently I do have a green thumb hiding in me after all.  🙂  And even despite the fact that he’s a little fresh (I’m so not funny sometimes), I have to say that he is a pretty fine-looking veggie.

*Note:  My friend Mike pointed out that my math is incorrect… If I ran faster than 99 people, as I said I’d have to do to not come in last, then I really would have won the race.  So apparently, even though I said my goal was to not come in last, I subconsciously have a desire to win.  Ha!  And apparently, math is not my strong subject.  😉  Thanks for catching that, Mike!


19 thoughts on “Getting Healthy

      1. Oh, wait, Mike, you’re right! Ha, ha. If I run faster than 99 people, then that means I won. Which means I subconsciously want to WIN this race. LOL!

  1. Hopefully the next race you signed up for is as fun as the Colour Run, though that seems like it would be hard to beat.
    There really has to be some draw that will make me sign up for a race… like brightly coloured powder or the chance of seeing a celebrity (read: Mickey Mouse) or drinking hot chocolate at the finish (like this race that I want to sign up for next!)

    1. I’ve heard of the Hot Chocolate race and think it sounds like a BLAST! I totally wish it came to New England! Or then again, maybe I just need an excuse to fly somewhere on a mini vacay? Hmmm….

      1. I hear Chicago is nice in November

        …actually I’ve never heard that at all. Let’s just pretend it is.

  2. The tomato looks gorgeous, just perfect, you should be proud with that little green thumb of yours! And I think that is so awesome you are doing another 5k, you work it girl and have fun with it too. That’s the whole idea of working out for at least, is to have fun, feel better, and use it as a healthy way to get rid of stress!

  3. Haha! I was thinking the same thing with the beating 99 people thing. 😉 You really do just want to win deep down! I think it’s because you’ve had so much success with your tomatoes! Obviously you want to succeed in other ways too! 🙂

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