Where to?

Nate still can’t drive these days, which means that I am the official chauffer.  Just between you and me, I’ve always prefered to be the one who was chauffeured around.  It’s not that I think that men are better drivers or even more efficient at finding their way around (although I have been known to get lost on the way to the grocery store, while Nate could find his way out of Boston without a map.  And, well, if you’ve ever driven through Boston without a map, there’s no explanation necessary).

To be completely honest, my desire to play passenger as apposed to driver is based solely on the fact that I like to day-dream and look out the window at the scenery passing by.  I’d just as soon prefer not having to pay attention to red lights, green lights, stop signs, and where I’m going.

That being said, circumstances as of late have taught me to focus on the positive.  So while I could focus on the lemons, I’m learning to make lemonade.  And while I could whine about having to drive us everywhere, I could see it as an oppertunity to take a deter and make a stop at the mall!  😉

Nate totally didn’t see that one coming, especially when I veered us in the direction of a makeup store.  But he was a good sport.

I have always wanted to try Bare Escentuals makeup, because it claims to be all-natural and — well — the cheapo makeup that I buy now is far from that.  And since I turn 30 next year, I’ve been wanting to buy products that are healthier for my skin and that don’t have harsh chemicals.

Oh, you guys!  It was totally love at first brush-stroke!

The makeup artist helped me figure out the perfect shade of concealer for my skin-tone, as well as a bronzer and a blush.  I looked completely natural, as though I didn’t have any makeup on at all.  But my skin looked flawless!

I’m totally going to save my pennies and revamp my makeup.  While it’s more expensive, it should last me a long time, since I apply just a bit of makeup before leaving for work each day.  So I can totally make it last!

But anyway, where were we before I started to gush about makeup?  Ahem.  Oh, yes, chauffeuring!  I really couldn’t complain, even before I slyly directed us in the direction of a shopping mall.  Nate has been really appreciative of everything I’ve been doing for him lately, and he even treated me to a date night out the other day!  It was our first official date night since the accident, as — lately — we have been having coffee dates on our way to doctor’s appointments and MRI’s.  (He’s still dealing with severe numbness in his left leg and face).

It was so special to eat out, and talk, and laugh just like we used to do.  It felt normal.


After dinner, we went to see Annie in a theater that wasn’t far from the Color Run 5k (so that we could just stay the night out there, as apposed to get up so early on the morning of the run).

It was SO perfect!  And it kind of makes me think that being a chauffeur isn’t so bad after all.  🙂



14 thoughts on “Where to?

  1. I can’t wait for our bare escentuals visit…especially now that I know how much you loved it and how worth our money it is. 😀

    Love the pictures of you guys! 😀

  2. Wow you look so young (compliment!), I never would’ve guessed you’re 29. Must be because of your positive attitude.

    I also prefer to be chauffeured, mostly because I don’t want to be the responsible one. ha.

    1. Someone at work today found out that I’m going to be 30 next year and said that they thought I was 25. So I’m contemplating turning 26 next year instead. Ha, ha!

  3. I love Bare Essentials and I’ve been using them for about 4 years. I love that the makeup lasts a long time as well- so you get your money’s worth!

    1. Ooh, that’s great, Lacey!! I’m glad to hear that you’ve already been using it and are loving it!! I can’t wait to officially give it a try!

  4. Ha, I love this and I can really relate with you favoring being the one who is driven because you like day dreaming and you can get lost easily. Me and the hubby went to Boston for a day trip (for like 2 days) and I’d think it’d be super complicated to drive. I love the pictures of you and Nate together, you two are just so cute together!

    1. Boston is officially the most confusing city to drive through. Ha, ha. At least, it’s the most confusing city I’ve ever tried to drive in. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Boston! But I pretty much always take the train in so that I don’t have to drive. Nate, on the other hand, makes driving the city look easy! 🙂

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