Color Run New England – 2012

At 6:30 am on Saturday, I received a text from my friend Ashley.

“Do you have any plans for today?”

I laughed.  She had asked me that same question when we woke up on the morning of my wedding.  So I guess you could say that it’s code for: TODAY, we’re going to do something totally awesome.  🙂

Meet the Glitter Girls!

(From left to right… Ashley, my roommate from college… ME…  Liz, who just moved up the street from me… and Sarah, my sister!). 

We couldn’t think of a name for our team, so Liz came up with the name we finally stuck with.  Originally, it was just a desperate attempt for us to come up with something to call ourselves.  But by the end, we had proudly embraced the name of ‘Glitter Girls’ and were talking about how we could actually dress the part next year!

But this year, we just stuck with the required white T’s and the Color Run tattoo’s.

Waiting within sight of the starting line, we — and the other 9,000 runners — were filled with adrenaline.

I had this nervous excitement rushing through me, and I kept saying that it felt as though I was at an amusement park, waiting to climb into a roller coaster.

(Except I wasn’t scared for my life). 

The race started at 10 am, and we had arrived quite early so we had plenty of time to stretch pose for pictures.

Because there were so many people running, the runners were released in waves of about 1,000 with five minutes separating each wave.

There was upbeat music and a DJ to keep the crowd occupied until their 5…4…3…2…1… countdown released them to run.

The first color station wasn’t too far from the starting line, and — really — it first appeared as a giant cloud of color.  Volunteers threw powder at us as we ran by, splashing color on our white T’s and tanks.

I did block my mouth and nose a bit as I ran through the color stations (and some runners put bandanas over their faces), just to keep from breathing in all that powder.  But the majority of the run was done outside of the color stations, so breathing was never an issue.

And really, the five color stations were such a blast!  We girls went from this…

… to this.

The race wasn’t timed, so I’m not sure how quickly I ran it.  But I still got a ‘prize’ at the end, so I totally felt like a winner.

Of course, there were extra packets of powder just begging to be used, so we had a bit of a color fight at the finish line.

Ashley and I got hit pretty good.  (She called it Roommate’s Revenge).  Ha!  😉

At this point, Nate was thinking, “You’re cute… but please don’t touch me.”

This was my first 5k, because I never wanted to spend money on running 3 miles when I can do it around my house for free.  But really, there’s something to be said for running with your besties and accomplishing a race together.  It was a great experience all around, although the addition of color didn’t hurt things either.  🙂

I would totally do it again!  It’s a way to make exercise fun, and it’s a great experience to share with your friends and / or family.

Oh, and here’s a quick video of Ashley pouring paint all of me!  🙂  SUCH good times!


8 thoughts on “Color Run New England – 2012

  1. I wanted to do the Colour Run in Chicago back in June with my sister, but it ended up selling out before we registered. It looks like a lot of fun!

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