New England Color Run

Today I am running in the New England Color Run with my friends Liz, Ashley, and my sister Sarah.

Basically, it’s a race in which non-toxic paint is thrown at the runners…

So it’s messy… colorful… and over-the-top FUN!

I’m definitely not a speed-runner, so this is the perfect race for me.  If I’m extra slow, I can just blame it on the fact that I wanted to let extra paint hit me.  😉

I think that Ashley and Liz will be running about my pace, but I imagine that my sister will leave us in her dust.  🙂

In fact, Liz and I already had a conversation about this…

Me:  We should designate a meeting spot for after the race.

Liz:  If we just meet around the finish line, I’m sure we’ll be fine.

Me:  Yeah, that’s true.  We’re probably all going to run around the same pace anyway.

Liz:  Yeah…

Me:  Well, except for my sister.  She’s going to cream us.

Liz:  Yeahhhh…

Me:  Maybe we should give her a handicap?  Like maybe tie her legs together so she has to hop the entire race?


Me:  Nah.  Never mind.   She’d still beat us.


Well, here I go!!!


5 thoughts on “New England Color Run

  1. I can’t wait to hear about it when you’re all done, a friend of mine recently did a color race and she had so much fun with it. So, I know you’re gonna have a great time!

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