A Night of Pinterest

All my talk about planning grocery lists on Wednesday nights and here I’ve been procrastinating.  Then again, I do have some perfectly good chicken in the fridge that’s just begging to be turned into pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches.  So I suppose we won’t starve and waiting one more day before going grocery shopping won’t hurt anyone.  🙂

Instead of plotting our food escapades for the week, I have been lounging on our leather couch and exploring the many delightful pics on Pinterest.  Nate said I needed a night off.  And I suppose I didn’t argue for very long, if at all.

Besides, there are many food ideas on Pinterest.  Like these adorable owl cupcakes, which I’m sure I have to try sometime soon.  So, really, I was simply planning and organizing all evening.  😉


There are also practical, affordable ways to decorate around the home.  This idea of displaying photo albums on plate hangers is so whimsical, quaint, and delightful!

Pinned Image

And I’m definitely going to be storing my cupcake liners in mason jars from now on!

Pinned Image

Oh, and apparently, the fall season has already arrived on Pinterist, same as the shopping malls.  Not that I’m complaining, because autumn is my favorite season.  😉

Corn kernels, small red beans, and split peas aren’t merely for soups and chili’s anymore.  I love how rustic, country, and affordable this autumn decoration is!

Pinned Image


I also adore tall boots, fitted jeans, earthy colors, and — most importantly — long, cozy sweaters!

Pinned Image

But it is still summer, after all, and I’m not going to complain about that either!

I loved this summer craft idea for warm evenings outside.  Spray paint over stickers on mason jars to create festive luminaries!

Pinned Image


Oh, and last but no least, something to make you laugh…

Pinned Image

… because I heart all of you bloggers and readers!  🙂  Really, I do!


7 thoughts on “A Night of Pinterest

  1. I don’t have a Pintrest but I am very obsessed with etsy and all of the amazing ideas and cute stuff they have on there. I ended up getting my wedding favors from etsy and I also get gifts for the hubby on there, I love the prices, selection, and the fact that everything is handmade too. I heart you too, that dog is just too cute!

  2. I love the beans in the candle holder. That looks fantastic.
    And the photo albums on the wall is a great idea too.

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