Wildflower Strong… and Smash journals

The summer sun has taken its toll on the lawn surrounding our home, turning the soft, green blades of grass into rough spikes of rusty hay.  The ground is parched and dusty.  Nothing has grown for weeks…. except for the sturdy wildflowers which are blossoming in full glory on the hill by our house.

Nate moans every time we come home from a doctor’s appointment, and he catches sight of the ‘weeds’ taking control of our yard.

I, on the other hand, think it’s quite pretty.  I’m also amazed at how delicate wildflowers look, and yet here they are thriving amidst this droubt.  It makes me realize that I know many women who might be gentle and sweet, but yet they are still passionate, unwavering, and strong.

They are wildflower strong!  🙂

You know what I also think?  God isn’t above using fortune cookies from a Chinese restaurant to relay a message.

I literally gasped when I opened my fortune cookie and read this, because it’s pretty much my life’s goal right now… and maybe even a brief synopsis of my blog.  So I’m definitely thinking this one is a keeper!

Which brings me to my new journal…

I found this Smash journal at a local Staples and instantly had to buy it.  (And it wasn’t even just because it was pink).  😉

The purpose of this journal isn’t to write as much as it is to capture memories such as favorite quotes, signatures, receipts, and lists.

You can also buy an assortment of fun accessories such as colorful pockets, fun pens, and polka-dot tape.

Each Smash journal has a different theme, and I honestly liked the scrap-book pages in the pink journal the best.

But it was no easy choice.

So right now my journal is completely untouched, as I apparently don’t have a glue-stick with which to glue my fortune.  🙂  But as Nate and I are really trying to live life to the fullest and to enjoy each and every day, I’m looking forward to adding some special memories to this book and then someday looking back and smiling.

Do you journal?


4 thoughts on “Wildflower Strong… and Smash journals

  1. Ah perfect fortune!

    I’m excited to see your Smash journal if you decide to share some of it. For about six months I’ve been wanting to start Smash or something similar. Something always comes before that plan though and that, my friend, is my eternal problem. In other words, please do your Smash journal and share it so I can live/journal vicariously through you! 🙂

  2. I used to journal very consistently but now I’ve seemed to transition back over to blogs. I would do a paper journal, or blog, off and on so now I’m back to doing blogs so I journal less. But, I do enjoy it and I think it helps me be creative too.

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