A Spa Day At Home

When I was staying in the ICU with my husband Nate a few weeks ago, I went days without showering, because I refused to leave his side.


Without showering.

The day we came home, Nate asked me, a bit sheepishly, “Are you going to take a shower before my parents come here to visit?”

Yep, I got the point.  😉

These past few weeks, I have been showering (I promise!), but that’s pretty much it.  My hair has always been pulled back into a pony-tale, my makeup routine has been very limited, and I’ve been living in cut-off jean shorts and T’s.

In other words, my dad would be proud.  Real proud.  (He did his best to make sure my sister and I grew up with a tom-boy side, and I kid you not when I say that one of his proudest moments as a dad was when I — as a young girl — beat every boy in church at arm-wrestling).  😉

Anyway, maybe it was a sign that I’m ready for things to get back to normal or that I’m starting to feel a bit more like myself.  Whatever the reason, I walked into Walmart to buy some toothpaste the other day and came out with anything and everything pink I could find.  (Nailpolish, loofa’s, tropical-scented body wash, face scrubs, lotion, and lip gloss).

The funny thing is that I came home from the store, tossed my purchases onto the kitchen counter, and then skipped outside to play in the garden.

These peppers are the reason why I could never pay money to get a manicure.  I like playing in the dirt too much.  🙂

I also like eating too much.  I can already imagine all the amazing things I’m going to do with my fresh zucchini and tomatoes.

But tonight, I bypassed playing in the dirt for lovely smelling things and pretty nails and — of course — pink.  And now?  I’m sitting here watching Chopped with my cat.

Because sometimes, it feels kind of good to be girly.

Speaking of being girly, have any of you ever heard of Birchbox?  Apparently it costs $10 a month, and subscribers receive a box each month with various, high-end beauty product samples.  I’m tempted to try it, because I love testing new products, but I hate paying for an entire product… when I might not end up liking it. So this sounds like a great solution!   🙂


7 thoughts on “A Spa Day At Home

  1. I’m so glad you’re taking care of yourself and enjoying your garden.. Life is all about balance :). I’ve never heard of Birch Box but it sounds like something my mom would love… I’m going to tell her about it!

  2. That birchbox is a sweet idea. I’ve never heard of it before.
    I pretty much never use any make-up products completely before they go bad. I like sample sizes a lot (especially mascara).

  3. Oh girl, that is my world all the time. Hair in a pony tail, minimal (or no) make up, shorts & Ts… oh yeah, haha! Dress attire at work is really casual so I seldom dress up. Date nights and Sundays are pretty much it, haha! There were four of us girls and only one boy when we were growing up, but my dad kind of treated us all like boys, haha! Like your dad, he was proud of my tom-boy approach to life. 😉

  4. I used to get Birchbox! I think it’s a cool idea and it’s SO fun to get the boxes in the mail! I just found that the samples were of expensive products that I’d never actually buy… haha so while I enjoyed the samples, I decided it wasn’t for me!

  5. I just love that nail polish, super cute! Sometimes I get in a pink mode and I am probably one of the biggest tomboys out there and sometimes it just makes you feel good to indulge in that. I’m glad you had yourself a little spa day, you definitely deserve it.

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