Prayers, please!

I’m sorry for the lack of posting as of late…

My husband Nate was in an accident.  After receiving a call at work on Monday, I rushed to the ICU to learn that the doctors expected him to be a quadriplegic for the rest of his life.  I saw him moments before he was taken into surgery.  As he sat on the stretcher with his neck in a brace, I whispered to him, “I love you… no matter what!”  His eyes welled up in tears, and I had to turn away so that he wouldn’t see me cry.

I was told that surgery would take two hours, but he went into surgery at 7pm and I didn’t get to see him in recovery until 1 am.  It was the longest wait of my life as I sat in stunned silence, aching to feel his arms around me just one more time.  In that moment, I realized that all I wanted was him.  His hug, and his laugh, and the feeling of his breath against my neck as I slept.  In one afternoon, all that could have been taken away.

But the doctors are calling it a miracle.  The sharp metal piece that pierced his neck missed his spinal cord by 1/2 centimeter.  It also cut his esophagus, and they weren’t sure if he’d ever swallow again.  But after surgery, they learned that his esophagus had just been pierced and they were able to mend it.

Recovery has been a difficult process.  I have watched him gag and choke as his lungs are suctioned, have kept him awake for hours because he stopped breathing every time he fell asleep, and have watched his face grimace in pain that pain medicine couldn’t help. He was in ICU for days but it has honestly felt like weeks.

He had to breathe from a trach tube, so he can’t talk.  But the doctors are saying that he will get back his motor skills and will be back to 100% in the end.  I’ll post updates as time permits, but I’m currently playing nurse 24/7.

Please keep us in his prayers!


23 thoughts on “Prayers, please!

  1. Dear Nicole, I am so sorry. I will keep both of you in my prayers. Please don’t feel obligated to post updates if you do not have time.

  2. Praise the Lord! Praying for both of you and for a swift recovery. What a gift that he pulled through and has such a good prognosis!

  3. So sorry to hear about your husband being in an accident…how scary that must have been…I can’t even imagine. He’s lucky to have you by his side. Hope recovery gets easier! My thoughts are with you~~

  4. My prayers for Nate and you! I wish him a speedy recovery and I pray that you have the strength to help him through it all. God bless…..

  5. Oh my goodness, I am literally crying as I read this right now. I am so sorry for the terror you must have experienced as you waited for news. I cannot even imagine. I am SO thankful to hear that Nate will be okay. What a blessing! Praise God! I will absolutely be praying for his recovery and for you as you walk with him through this.

  6. I guess the new blog name will have even more meaning now. I’m so glad to hear that Nate is recovering. Sending strength and good vibes to you guys and your families.

  7. I’m so sorry to hear that this happened and my heart goes out to you. I’m thinking about you and giving you and Nate my love, I hope he recovers quickly and I’m so sorry this happened.

  8. Obviously, I am very late here, but many retroactive prayers are headed your way. I am so happy to hear of Nate’s miracle, and I hope he heals soon!!

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