Martha’s Vineyard

On our last day of vacation, Nate and I drove to Falmouth to take the Island Queen  ferry from Cape Cod to the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

‘Bye, Falmouth!

The ride over was about 25 minutes long…

…and although Nate says it was probably a tube being pulled, I’m fairly certain that we even caught a glimpse of Jaws chasing a boat!

Hello, Martha’s Vineyard!

Once on the island, Nate and I decided to take a little drive to do some exploring…

Actually a 45 mile drive.  On a moped.

Yeahhh, we did get a little achey after about the first 30 miles.  😉  But still, so worth it.

We drove by beaches, light-houses,

and quaint little towns with adorable shops.

The wind in my face.  The sunshine.

Blue waves lapping at the ocean beside us.  Then fields of horses, farmland, and vine-covered stone-walls.  My arms wrapped around Nate.  It was a page out of my favorite book or a scene from my favorite movie.

But it was all real…. right down to this lovely footwear.

(Apparently, it’s a government law that you can’t wear open-toed shoes while riding mopeds on the island).  So the rental company lent me these beauties for the day, since I showed up in flip-flops.

Honestly, between these shoes and the helmet, Nate couldn’t keep his eyes off me.

But then he saw this view and I most certainly had competition. 😉  He declared it one of the most beautiful spots he had ever been to.

The Gay Head cliffs of Aquinnah were breathtaking…

So lush green, and brilliant blue.

We contemplated changing our dream of becoming hat-makers in the Caribbean (don’t ask) and becoming tent-makers on Martha’s Vineyard.  It doesn’t really matter that we can’t make hats or tents. That’s why it’s a dream, after all.  (Definitely, Aquinnah is worth visiting if you’re a first-time visitor to Martha’s Vineyard.  Absolutely gorgeous!!!  And the seafood shack we ate at served up a delicious lobster roll too!).


But we decided that we would miss our little home in the country, the end.  So we made our way back to the dock for a wave ‘goodbye’… and icecream at the Big Dipper IceCream.

Hmmm, days don’t get better than this.  🙂

What’s one of the most beautiful places you have ever visited?


11 thoughts on “Martha’s Vineyard

  1. Oh my, it did look like pages out of a perfect book, it is so lovely. A vacation worth remembering. 🙂

  2. I noticed the Crocs and thought “hmm interesting footwear choice”. You didn’t strike me as much of a ‘croc person’ but then I scrolled down further and it all made sense.

    Have you guys ever driven a scooter before? I’ve never done it but Matt and I were thinking of maybe renting one this summer when we go on our vacation. I think I would be a little scared though.

    1. You totally need to rent a moped or scooter when you go on vacation! It was a BLAST and the perfect way to see a new area. 🙂 Yes, it was scary at first, I will admit. You have to learn to lean with the turns, especially if there are sharp curves in the road (which Martha’s Vineyard definitely had). But if you take the turns slowly, it’s really not all that bad. Nate honestly did all of the driving, because I wasn’t ready to tackle that quite yet. LOL. But he caught on rather quickly!! Oh, and if you do rent them, take it from a voice of experience and take breaks here and there so that certain parts of your body don’t go numb. 😉 (Oh, and yes, crocs are not exactly my footwear of choice. Hee, hee. I honestly never thought I’d see the day that I wore them. But, hey, they were comfy enough…).

  3. What a beautiful trip! I love your tank top and you and Nate look so in love 🙂 Happy thoughts and vibes!! Keep thinking positive!!!

  4. It looks like you had such an amazing time on your trip, which is awesome! All of the pictures are beautiful and, as always, I love all of your food shots you take too. Sounds like the vacation was perfect and so much fun, love it!

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