Potato Chips and Giant Chairs

Time may have slowed down for us while we were camping, but it apparently never stopped.  Because before we knew it, Nate was packing up the sleeping bags, tent, cooking gear, and bikes; while I followed him around like the paparazzi with my camera and cheered him on.

(I promise that I helped pack up the car too though!).  🙂

Our vacay wasn’t over quite yet, however, because — thanks to Cape Cod still being in off-season — we found a motel room that we could rent for $70 a night.  So we decided, “Hey, why not?” and decided to extend our stay.

And guess what, the motel may have had internet as slow as molasses and coffee as watery as… water.  But it was a cute little place with crazy friendly staff, a hot tub, AND a bed!  It had a bed!   A real bed with a mattress that we didn’t even have to blow up!  Oh, heavens, we may as well have been in some ritzy suite over-looking some tropical beach, we were that excited to lie down on a real bed.

There was also a very large chair that I was kind of excited about.

I told Nate that my need to sit on it and get my picture taken was due purely to my patriotism and love of anything red, white, and blue. It had nothing to do with the fact that I just had to sit on such a large chair.

Because we all know that couldn’t be true.

Right, we all know that?

Yeahhhh, I didn’t fool Nate either.

And since I’m in the mood to be completely honest, let me admit that our decision to go on the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory tour had nothing to do with a desire to learn about potato chip making.

We had just heard that they gave away free samples of chips at the end.

(The tour was very quick and just a brief walk-through of the first floor of the factory.  That being said, the kids around us were still having a blast watching the potatoes go into one vat, only to come out as potato chips on another.  Okay, fine, me and Nate were having a blast.  You got me…).

And we did get our free samples.  So, hey, it was totally worth it, short tour or not.

The sun came out to play that afternoon, but for us, the rest of the day was pretty much lazy, driving around, looking at shops, stopping for icecream, and then relaxing at the hotel.  We only had one more day left (which we already had plans for), so a relaxing day was just what we needed.

We also found this really beautiful over-look, which was perfect for taking pics with an ideal Cape Cod backdrop: shimmery-blue water and fishing boats.

It is here that Nate also discovered a less embarrassing way of holding my purse for me… 😉

Yep, just another fun day at the Cape!


4 thoughts on “Potato Chips and Giant Chairs

  1. Matt and I got a giant muskoka chair picture when we went to Collingwood, ON last summer. Though it wasn’t red, white, and blue.

    That potato chip factory tour must have been pretty cool! I love tours like that, although I’ve only ever done winery and brewery tours.

    Do I spy a Mitt Romney campaign bumper sticker?

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