Cold beaches and dirt bombs

Days two and three in Cape Cod kind of blended together into a mixture of cold, cloudy, rainy activities.  And obviously, on that second day before the rain officially hit, we did what any sane camper would do on a cold, cloudy, blustery day.

We went to the beach.

After all, we couldn’t visit Cape Cod without going to the beach at least once.  (Or at least this is what we told ourselves).  And on the other hand, we had the place to ourselves, we didn’t get burnt, and I’m pretty sure I never even broke a sweat on our walk along the beach.

So prime beach weather, my friends.  Prime beach weather!

Naturally, after a cold day at the beach, I wanted an iced coffee….

… and then lunch.

We found this cute cafe called the Mason Jar, and — well — you all know how much I love my Mason Jars!  Although it was nothing much to look at on the inside, there were picnic tables for outdoor dining and the sandwiches were very fresh.

My chicken salad sandwich had juicy grapes, sharp cheese, and even a crispy apple slice.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

You know what else I enjoyed?  Eating Cape Cod potato chips in Cape Cod.  Yeah, I know, small things amuse small minds and all that.  😉

Oh, yes, and how can I forget the Dirt Bomb, while we’re on the topic of eating?  Nate and I discovered a quaint little bakery called the Cottage Street Bakery, which was rather like stepping into a grandmother’s dining room and asking for one of her fresh muffins.

The Dirt Bomb was a muffin whose taste resembled a donut, but was covered with sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon.  I ordered one to split and told Nate that I just wanted one little bite.  I ended up eating half of it.  It was SO good!


Oh, and since we’re still on the topic of eating…

We had a rainy-day breakfast at the Brewster Coffee Shop the next day and thoroughly enjoyed that as well.

Which leads me to my next point.  Beaches are over-rated.  If I ever go back to Cape Cod, I’m going to probably forget about the beaches (which were beautiful) and just discover some more restaurants (which were too many to count).  😉

An egg white omelet with diced tomatoes, low-fat cheese, and fresh basil?  Yes, PLEASE!  I’m totally going to replicate this at home sometime soon!

But just to prove that we didn’t spend two days straight just eating, here’s a pic we took from the Cape Cod Playhouse, in which we saw a theater production of Sherlock Holmes and the Hound of Baskerville’s.

It was actually a comedy, which we weren’t expecting, and very well done.


We also did a bit of shopping, which Nate was crazy excited about.


Hmmm, and here I had been singing ‘Rain, Rain, Go Away….”  It turned out that a bit of rain didn’t spoil our day after all.

It did clear up, though, for one last campfire, which we were happy about.  And since we weren’t done seeing all the sights we could — and wanted to — see, we decided to head for a motel for two extra nights…  🙂



11 thoughts on “Cold beaches and dirt bombs

  1. I’ve lived on Cape Cod my entire life and yes, the beaches are over-rated although lovely most of the time. You could have stopped at the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory which is a short self guided tour (not incredibly exciting) but…you get free bags of freshly made chips at the end of the tour. The museums, farmer’s markets, arts, and most definitely the restaurants are worth exploring. Glad you had a good time!

    1. Ooh, ooh, we DID stop at the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory for a tour!! Come back for tomorrow’s blog post! Ha, ha. 🙂 Ooh, and you aren’t kidding about there being a TON to do! I never did make it to one of the famer’s markets, and my hubby wanted to check out a museum or two, and there were still restaurants we really wanted to try. So we most definitely will be going back! LOVED it! 🙂 (And the beaches are pretty too! I just hope to go on a warm day next time. Hee, hee).

    1. Why thank you! Although all the credit for those shades goes to my brother and sister who went shopping with me to pick them out. LOL! I couldn’t find a pair of shades I liked, so I went to them for help. 🙂

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