Where did the Guest Posts go?

Hey everyone!

I apologize for the lack of bloggin’ these past few days!  I was off camping with the hubby, and my sister wasn’t able to sign onto my account as a user.  Sooo, we were forced to succumb to the technical difficulties, since throwing things and ranting wouldn’t solve any problems.  (Not that we didn’t try that, just in case).

But I have a post already scheduled to magically appear tomorrow (as well as the lovely strawberry pie recipe that posted below this one), and then I’ll be back to blogging on Sunday.  🙂

(The camping trip was a blast, and I can’t wait to share everything with you!!  Now the hubby and I are finishing up our vacay in a motel whose internet speed is as slow as its coffee is watery.  😉  Hence the super-quick, short post… which will probably take about an hour to upload).  But still, the day is promising to be beautiful, the hot tub is calling, and we have an adventure planned.

So I am going to ENJOY this last day of vacay… and then I will continue to make each day count once I get home.  I suppose if I’ve learned one thing from this vacation it’s that… well… vacations go by pretty quickly.  So you can live your life for those amazingly fun blocks of time, or you can make each day an adventure.  Each day can hold something beautiful, and special, and deserves the star-treatment.  In fact, I dare say that each day deserves special dishes, an exciting moment, and even dessert!  🙂

Because it’s a day you get to experience… even if it is a Monday.  Or a Tuesday.  Or Wednesday.

Well, you get the picture.

Each day should count!!

Hope you are all doing WELL and just living it!  See you Sunday!



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