A Camping We Will Go – Part 2

As I mentioned the other day, Nate and I decided to save even more money on our camping trip by going to our favorite store around: Mom and Dad’s.  Not only is this place great for a cup of sugar or a teaspoon of cinnamon during baking emergencies, it also has a great supply of necessary — but often other-wise expensive — camping equipment.

“But you’re now going to be using a lantern, camping stove, and tent that you never have used before”, you say.  “Doesn’t that worry you?”

“No,” I reply.  “Nate and I aren’t organized enough to be worried about things like sleeping arrangements, heat for cooking, or light. “

We’re honestly just kind of going with the flow and taking notes whenever my dad or mom gives us important camping advise.



Honestly, one of the most important tips so far has been ‘don’t eat in the tent or leave food out’… That is, unless you want furry monsters coming to visit during the night.



And since we plan on leaving the furry monsters at home, I imagine we’ll be very careful to follow this rule… and just hope that everything else comes back to us as we’re trying to connect tent pole ‘A’ to tent pole ‘B’.  I mean, camping is like riding a bike.  All that information should be stored somewhere, just waiting to be retrieved when needed!



So, anyway, we naturally couldn’t take everything from Mom and Dad’s, because that wouldn’t be fair to other customers, so we also made a quick stop to Walmart for necessities.

Nate instantly went for the flashlights large enough to light up a football field.  Silly boy.  Out of everything we needed, he went for flashlights first.  And flashlights bright enouth to be seen from space, at that!  Ha!

I obviously went for the pretty red and white checkered table-cloth.

After all, we have to hang onto our civility, however trivial.  I mean, one minute you’re eating without a tablecloth… and the next minute, you’re on your hands and knees, eating off the ground.

It’s all about roughing it… without losing it.

(Although I imagine my dad would say that ‘roughing it’ ended the minute I bought a red and white checkered table-cloth).  😉

Oh, well, it’s a start!




3 thoughts on “A Camping We Will Go – Part 2

  1. I shop at my dad’s house all the time. For everything. Often I just say to him, “you’re not using this so I’m going to take it with me.”
    Best snag ever: a lawnmower.
    In my defense, my dad “has a guy” who cuts his (ridiculously huge) lawn for him.

  2. I hope you are having fun on your camping trip! I am still a newbie camper and people call me a car camper, but I really like it (as long as it’s not raining…). No need for a watch, just the sun and your tummy.

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