A Camping We Will Go — Part 1

When it comes to vacations, I’ve been spoiled these past few years.

It’s not that Nate and I have stayed at five-star hotels, ordered lobster bisque through room service, or fell asleep in tropical get-a-ways.  Quite the contrary, we’ve spent the majority of our vacations here in New England, often sleeping in rustic cabins and dining on our favorite foods of pizza, Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, and lima beans.

(Oh, wait, did I say ‘lima beans’?  I totally meant ‘jelly beans’.  But I promise that we do include vegetables in our diet too).

But still, we’ve been spoiled.  I kind of became used to sleeping in a bed that was surrounded by walls… and had a roof over it.  Oh, yes, and then there’s the novelty of having a bathroom and a shower that you merely have to walk down the hall to, as apposed to hiking across the darkening forest to reach running water.

Spoiled.  Spoiled rotten.

Until this year.

It’s not that Nate and I haven’t been planning on going camping together anyway. We both grew up camping with our families and have wonderful memories of cooking s’mores over the fire and scaring younger siblings with ghost stories.  But it’s the first time we’ve gone in ten years!

And it’s the first time we’ve gone just the two of us.

No TV.  No microwave.  No laptop.  No beeping noises, ringing phones, chatting friends, fuzzy cats, Facebook updates, or work schedules.

Yep, just me and Nate together in the woods with our tent and Coleman comfort range sleeping bags.

(I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed when I reread the box and realized it stated ‘No snag’.  I totally thought it said ‘No snake’.  And, hey, I had thought that if a sleeping bag can propel snakes, then I’m all for it).

Guess I’ll have to add that to my list of inventions that should be invented but haven’t been yet…

But anyway, one of the main reasons we decided to try camping this year was that it’s just downright cheap.  I mean, you can’t find too many hotels that will offer you $15 a night…

But $15 a night for a piece of forest that you can camp in is called, “We can go on vacation this summer, even though we’re trying to pay off bills.”

And really, you can’t argue with that.  I couldn’t anyway.  And Nate certainly wouldn’t, as he has been begging me for the past 3 1/2 years to go camping with him.  So it’s a win-win situation.

And to make it even more do-able, we went shopping at one of the most affordable camping stores we know around…  Mom and Dad’s.  (…to be continued)


7 thoughts on “A Camping We Will Go — Part 1

  1. Haha! I totally want a tent that keeps snakes away! That’s a fabulous invention! I’m excited for you guys that you are going camping! We’ve been talking about going for years, but we always end up deciding to do something else instead, haha! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip! 🙂

    1. I thought it was a fabulous invention too! Once I get someone to invent one, I’ll make sure to get you a tent for your future camping trip!! Ha, ha.

  2. I love camping! Real camping though, not “I’m going to be wasted all day and then pass out in a tent at night! Awesome!” kind of camping.
    I like waking up to the sun and the birds and making breakfast and hiking and bathing in the lake and spending days not quite dirty but not completely clean and smelling like campfire. It’s glorious.

    1. “I like waking up to the sun and the birds and making breakfast and hiking and bathing in the lake and spending days not quite dirty but not completely clean and smelling like campfire. It’s glorious.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!! 🙂

  3. Totally not a camping fan at all although I have gone a few times. I must ask: did you guys agree to leave phones at home, in the car, off, or…? Because I know if my boyfriend and I went camping, he’d be playing on his phone half the time! Gotta know your secret 🙂

    1. Well, there really is no temptation for us as far as phones go, because neither my hubby or I own a smart phone. My hubby actually HATES cell phones and only has a track phone for emergencies. And my phone is pretty old and pathetic too. LOL. So, I’m afraid I don’t have a secret, other than my hubby and I are too cheap to pay more than like $20 a month for our phones. So we don’t have internet access or games or pretty much anything on our phones. (And I don’t even have a car charger!). Yeah, we’re pretty pathetic when it comes to cell phones… Ha ha. So I guess my secret is to just not go to the ‘dark side’ as far as phones go. 😉

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