Chalkboard Herb Planters

A few weeks ago, I came home to find a special surprise waiting for me from my husband Nate.

Chalkboard paint!

Now before you all melt with how sweet he is to me, please let me also add that he had formulated a brilliant plan to paint the entire kitchen wall with it.  I wasn’t quite so thrilled with the idea and explained that I had intended to paint a small picture frame with the paint as a menu board for our kitchen wall.

Painting the entire kitchen wall, however, is kind of pushing things a bit.  (Although I’m sure that some brilliant designer out there could very well make it look amazing).  I’m convinced that if Nate and I were to do it, however, people would begin to talk about how we’re probably still struggling with which color to paint our kitchen.

Which is true.

And Nate’s idea, however creative, would probably result in a plain black wall, since neither of us can draw anything worth beans.  So unless stick figures are all the rage these days, we should probably stay away from anything that might encourage us to unleash our artistic talents….or lack thereof.

That being said, one doesn’t have to possess too much skill or talent to pour chalkboard paint onto a paper plate.  And really, you just need opposable thumbs and a childlike fascination with anything crafty to sit in the grass and roll chalkboard paint around the plate… before painting it onto a simply adorable clay pot.

That’s it really.  Nothing too major.

Sometimes, it even helps to have a tall glass of lemonade close by.  Oh, yes, and sunscreen.  That’s definitely a must too, if you’re going to sit in the grass outside and play with paint and clay pots.  (I learned the hard way, so please learn from my mistake and the red tan line on my shoulder).

To keep the paint from accidentally touching the rim of my two smaller pots, I used scotch tape to cover the border.  But I imagine that painter’s tape would work much better. And for that square in the center of my larger pot?  I just eyed it and kept painting until I thought it looked perfect in an imperfect, whimsical way.

That’s why being crafty is so much fun.  Imperfections are considered cute and quirky.  Hmmm, the things we can learn from clay pots and imperfectly painted squares.

All you need, after the paint has dried, are your favorite herbs, some potting soil, and a piece of chalk.  (Tie some ribbon around the rims for an extra special touch).

Honestly, the hardest thing about this craft is making sure that you spelled the herbs right.  😉  The end result is an adorable display for your patio or kitchen.  And I imagine that it would also make for the perfect Mother’s day gift!  (Also, try using tiny pots and baby plants for place settings at a party or even as party favors!).

(Craft was Inspired by Paula


7 thoughts on “Chalkboard Herb Planters

  1. herb pots painted with chalkboard, very nice indeed. I very quickly moved from a quick ‘oooh’ in the shop to really liking chalkboard paint to becoming completely obsessed with the stuff! I have painted the inside of two kitchen cupboards – that way there’s no major black parts in the kitchen. When I run out of something I write it on that cupboard door so i don’t forget. just an idea for you. Heather x

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