Shopping therapy = spending the day with my two besties

I’m not quite sure when or how it started….

Maybe it’s as simple as I just wanted another reason to celebrate.  Maybe it’s because I believe that birthdays are worth celebrating.

(Yeah, I know, I stink at taking mirror pictures and totally managed to chop off my sister’s chin in this pic.  On the bright side, neither one of us blinked). 

Whatever the reason, for the past few years, I have not only celebrated my birthday with as much excitement and gusto I possibly can, I have chosen to celebrate the entire month of June.  My birthday month.  🙂

Soooo, even though my official birthday isn’t until the 11th of June, the festivities have already begun to line up for the upcoming weeks, starting with an all-day shopping trip with my mom and sister this past Saturday.  (Then again, we girls don’t need an excuse to go shopping).  😉

The first order of business was to find a cute pair of sunglasses that I could stand to see destroyed, as Sarah (my sister) and I are running in a 5k Color Run later this year.  More on that later, but long story short, it’s a run in which paint (non-toxic) is thrown at the runners.  Fun, right??  Mission accomplished after a trip to Charlotte Russe as all the sunglasses were on sale… and cute.

The next order of business was to find some clothes for work, as my summer wardrobe is quite lacking.  I found some nice blouses at New York and Company and also picked up this top, which will be super cute for summer BBQ’s and picnics…

And then I went a little crazy at The Limited.  (Don’t worry, I stayed within budget.  By ‘went a little crazy’ I mean I kind of had a party in the dressing room, when I saw how cute all the clothes were.  By ‘kind of had a party,’ I mean I totally did the ‘Wow-this-top-is-even-cuter-than-the-last-one dance).

Sigh, I heart that store!

My mom, sister, and I pretty much hit every single clearance rack in that mall, looking for bargains….  And of course, there was the occasional splurge purchase.  My mom bought me this sundress from Ann Taylor Loft as a birthday gift, and I’m just in love with the A-line fit and the tropical color.

Ruffled Surplice Neck Dress


Naturally, after all this shopping, exhaustion and starvation started to set in, so we had lunch at The 99 restaurant.  I had the Fire-Grilled Southwest Cobb Salad (no bacon or blue-cheese, please), and it was quite delish.  (I’m not usually a fan of chain restaurants, but this salad did have a ton of flavor!).

By this point, Sarah and I were starting to feel a little bit like dropping… and maybe even crawling along the mall floor was beginning to sound good, since it would maybe preserve our last bit of energy.

My mom, on the other hand, could have probably lasted another hour or two.  She was like, “I’ve not yet begun to SHOP!”  Or something like that…  Which only proved to me that — as good as my salad was — I should have ordered the cheeseburger too.  (Or I at least need to find out what she eats for breakfast).

But we all hung on for a bit longer, made a quick dash for our favorite stores, and then called it a day.  It definitely was a successful shopping trip and a great way to begin the month of June… but mostly because I got to spend it with my two favorite fashionistas (and my best friends).  🙂

Hmmm, sometimes, the best friendships you could ever hope to have really are found within your own family.

Birthdays… What do you think about them?  And which month is your birthday in?  🙂


9 thoughts on “Shopping therapy = spending the day with my two besties

  1. My birthday is at the end of July which means that no one is ever around. Everyone is on vacation.
    I’ve gotten used to it over the last 26 years but I think that aside from a late December birthday, having a mid-summer is the worst.

    1. Oh, no, that’s kind of sad! I never thought about how rough it’d be to have a b-day at the end of July! I’m totally taking a road trip up there some July to celebrate with you, how’s that?? 🙂

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